New Portraits

I just popped in to share some fun news: I had portraits taken!

A few weeks ago, my friend (and very talent photographer) Kate McCann met up at a new mural in South Philadelphia to take some portraits for the blog and my social media accounts! As someone who HATED photos of herself for years, it's nice to finally feel comfortable in my skin and actually love having my picture taken. Still definitely make a lot of dumb faces, but sometimes we get some gems!

I've been really trying to up my blog game lately. I've separating my blog and personal Instagram accounts, been posting more frequently and scheduling content on Instagram, creating more blog content, and all around trying to be a little more consistent and on top of things. It's definitely been amazing to see my hard work pay off (I was regrammed by A Beautiful Mess not once, but twice, in one day!) and I'm thrilled to have some photos that really tie everything together. 

I'm hoping my creativity energy can keep at it for a little while longer!