Before&After: Litterbox


When T&I were planning on moving, I knew that I wanted something to hide the litterbox. In my old apartment, the litterbox was just out in the open and it always bothered me. I knew I wanted to reuse a piece of furniture to hold the box, and one day we walked out of T's old house and there was this piece of furniture sitting on the curb, waiting for the trash.

It maybe wasn't my perfect choice, but it was free and I figured if we hated it, no harm no fowl and we could start over. T did most of the work, I must say. He removed the drawers and created the door, I painted it and it looked terrible and I cried, so we picked another color and he painted it. That's the series of events usually, with big projects like this.

We've been living with it for a few months now, and we're pleased. The kitties are using it and I hide some stuff in the top drawer (the only functioning drawer). That's all we can really ask for. It's pretty and functional, my favorite.