When I look at this photo now, this looks like fake blood. Really it's just melted candy cane...

December is one of my favorite months. Christmas lights and baking cookies with my mom. Getting dressed up and hosting parties. Presents and giving gifts. It's all so lovely to me.  On top of that, I have a good amount of time off from work, which is just simply amazing. My spirits are up and I feel well rested. 

Tim and I don't have a lot of holiday traditions, and I would really love to work on that. Since the first Christmas we've been together, Tim and I have always exchanged a Christmas ornament and I'm so glad we continue that. Each year when we take out the ornaments, I love being able to search through them and remember each year. It's a little something that's just so special to me. But besides that, we don't have a lot of other traditions. I try and take a day to make Christmas cookies with my mom. This was the first year I put together an advent calendar, and I would love to make that a tradition each December. But I'm open and looking for more things to ring in the holiday season each year together. 

What are you're traditions this time of year?