Winter Bucket List in Review

You might remember that a few months back I wrote about things I wanted to knock off my Winter Bucket List. I thought today I would review how I did with that list and talk about winter as a whole. 

I don't know how I feel about this winter. At this point, I'm over the weather, over the dirty snow that's still lingering on the grass, and over not knowing what coat to wear. Winter felt LONG. And though during the holidays and my birthday is doesn't quite bother me too much, now that it's March I'm just ready for sun and warmth and open windows. But I guess that's how most people feel, right? 

As I've written about before, the beginning of this year also came with conversations about what I want to do with this blog, with my professional life, and with my side projects. I'm feeling very up and down about all of that. And I think like most people in a similar situation, it's a sliding scale. Sometimes I'm content and fine, sometimes I feel creatively stifled/unmotivated and pretty miserable, and sometimes I'm somewhere in between. But I've seen a little bit of progress and that's helpful, so I'm remaining hopeful.

But let's talk about this list... I didn't check too many things off this time around. That has a lot to do with many things, but mostly that winter makes me never want to leave the house. It's just too cold and miserable! Let's start with the things I did do:

Throw a Birthday Celebration for Myself: This was a no brainer for me because I LOVE my birthday. The weekend before my birthday I had a few people over for pizza and then hit up a divey karaoke bar with a handful of friends. PERFECT. On my actual birthday, I bought myself brunch and G and I went to dinner. Just the most perfect birthday. 

Go to Center City's Christmas Village: This honestly feels so long ago! Before Christmas, my mom and I went shopping in the Christmas Village they setup in Center City Philadelphia. It was lovely and I believe G and I took her out to dinner afterwards. Just a nice day.

Collaborate with Kate on a Photoshoot: If you've been following along recently then you know this was a complete success. Kate and I organized, styled, and photographed a brunch photoshoot for Galentine's Day. It was a very special day and photos can be found here, here, and here.

Organize that Extra Bedroom: This finally happened! I now have a space to work on my computer, a closet to store all our boardgames and my craft supplies, and we have a bed ready for guests. It's a really small bedroom to jam all that stuff into, but it works for now. And bonus, it actually gets pretty good light during the day.

Plan a Weekend Away: Although when I wrote this I meant more of a girls weekend away, G and I went on our trip to Miami and are planning a weekend in NYC later this spring. So I'm counting that a win.

Now some things I didn't end up doing from the list:

Have a good, relaxing snow day at home. I was actually away both times we got enough snow in Philly to close things down, so this never happened. I'm not too upset about that.

Buy proper, very warm winter coat. I don't know why I can never make myself do this. It's just such a lame way to spend a couple hundred dollars.

Take boxes of stuff to the thrift store. This didn't happened either. Once my mom told me she was having a spring yard sale, I decided to keep it until then. But I did purge my clothes and currently have two trash bags filled with clothes and bags to donate!

And finally, the only one I'm actually sad about: Go ice skating. This just never happened and I don't know why. We were all setup to do it one night and our friends bailed and then it never came up again. Oh well. Something to look forward to for next year. 

And that's it! I hope you liked reading though this winter bucket list and I'm excited to start talking about what I want to do this spring! <3