Vacations on Instagram

Somehow I went to New Orleans and barely took any photos. And then went to the mountains and took a good amount of photos, but mostly of water and videos of us laughing. But this summer has really been fabulous. Just really lovely and liberating. I feel good. I feel good about me. I feel good about the rest of this summer.

I've been really slacking in the blog department and I just talking about how I've been slacking and not really doing too much about it. The thing with this blog is, when I have a lot going on and am as busy as I've been at work, that doesn't leave a lot of time (or effort) left for blogging. But I love this blog and the things I get to create for it, so now that I'm getting settled into this new home and have a weekend home before my next vacation (!!!), hopefully I'll have some new content up soon.

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