Around Here

Sometimes it just feels like the weekends are getting shorter and shorter, you know?

But I'm here with a little bit of exciting news: this weekend I moved G into my house! The timing just worked out and we're really excited and happy about the whole thing. The hardest adjustment for me has been the influx of things and trying to figure out where to put them in a way that works for both of us. It takes time and I know we'll get there. Honestly, it's nice to have a challenge and some changes around the house. All in all, we're pretty excited about this new chapter. And the cats have a new full-time cuddle partner.

So I thought it would be fun to share some photos from around the house before things change around here. When these photos were taken (last week) we had only moved in a handful of G's things and had them set up. Excited to see how the house ends up! And also, very excited to take down Halloween decorations (Am I the only one who loves decorations until I don't and then I can't wait to take them down?)