Lately I've been....

...feeling more ups than downs.
...getting settled into my house and emptying boxes.
...eating endless amounts of ice cream and water ice to beat the heat.
...starting to feel like it's actually summer (finally).
...adjusting to living on a street where everyone says hello and loving it.
...beginning to need a hair change soon.
...bringing more hot pink into my life in little ways.
...moving tons of furniture in my tiny Honda Fit.
...deciding on a bold color to paint my front door.
...wanting to bake more, but not wanting to turn the oven on.
...spending as much time as possible down the shore and at the beach.
...trying to laugh more & focusing on letting things happen as they happen.
...wanting to buy this, and this, and this but...
...holding off on buying myself clothes while I work on my house.
...dreaming about how great having a little nephew in my life will be!
...embracing myself.

"The sexiest, most enticing, awesome thing on the planet is a person who is fully engaged with life. Get closer, get involved. Be curious, be enthusiastic. Soak it all up! Otherwise, you live a half-life, cowed by fear, marred with self-doubt, consumed by worry. The best way to love your life is throw yourself into it with gusto, right now. Gala Darling


Lately I've been...

...focusing on being the best version of myself and laughing more.
...thrilled with the decision to move my work schedule so I go in later.
...trying to eat better, but always craving pizza and fried chicken.
...dreaming of warmer weather.
...working on my hand lettering and purchased these pens.
...snacking on avocado toast more than I want to admit.
...watching more movies at home than ever before.
...considering taking a weekly yoga class.
...planning upcoming travel plans to Tennessee, Miami, and New Orleans.
...making to-do lists to keep my apartment clean.
...thinking this eyelash curler has changed my eyelash game.
...brunching not nearly enough.
...wondering what my summer will look like.
...writing a new "life motto" on ever scrap of paper I can find.
...having some problems focusing at work.
...binging my way through Band of Brothers.
...hoping that getting through the next month or so will be easy.

"Never take it seriously. If you never take it seriously, you never get hurt. And if you never get hurt, you always have fun." -Penny Lane