Around Here

Hello friends! 

I stopped posting Around Here posts a while back since my house wasn't changing too much. This is the longest I've lived somewhere since my childhood home, and somehow I'm not tired of it yet. Maybe it's because since G moved in last year we've been doing a lot of changes. Or maybe because other parts of my life have been hectic that having this restful place has been a relief. Whatever it is, it's nice to keep improving on a home.

I've been struggling a bit with a creative block that I can't seem to get through, hence the lack of blog posts. I was sick most of last week, had a series of busy weeks at work, and just can't bring myself to work on anything that I don't absolutely need to. Does that ever happen to you? I'm always on the look out for ways to motivate my brain, spark some creativity, and light a fire under myself. How do you stay motivated when you aren't feeling your best?

Around Here

This is the first Spring I've had in a long time where I'm not frantically searching for a new place to live. I can't tell you how exciting that is for me. When I think back on the different apartments I've lived in, each place seems to signify where I was at that point in my life and I'm happy to be staying in this one life phase for a little while longer. I'm taking that as a good sign that I'm where I'm suppose to be at this moment in time.

These photos were taken prior to a big cleaning that I did in my bedroom. That giant cardboard box you can see in the first photo, which has been in that exact spot filled with random stuff I didn't know what to do with since I moved in last July, is finally emptied and gone. Those random hats have been added to my hat wall area. My suitcase, which has been sitting empty since I unpacked from Chicago, has made it back to the basement. Outside, my plants are in pots and actually doing pretty good I think! Flowers on the tomato plants and will need to be staked soon because they are growing so much.

On the to-do list is painting the bedframe in my spare bedroom (this has been on my to-do list for months!). I recently spoke to my dad about bleaching the entire deck out back since it's pretty mildewy. I bought some strands of outside lights to hang up and I'm ordered some temporary wallpaper samples to do the back wall in my kitchen (!!!). But it feels good. My house really feels like home to me and I feel good about the choices I've made each time I go home. Feeling good!

Around Here

It's starting to feel like springtime around here! 

I've been buying cut flowers like crazy and I found a fiddle leaf fig tree (and it was $20 from Home Depot). I've been sleeping with the windows open and drinking iced coffees. I feel like getting my hair cut more regularly is finally helping it look stronger and healthier. The cats are happy to have some open window time during the weekends and I'm happy to be taking a break from using the heater.

Last weekend I hosted a grilled cheese party at my house and we sat outside even though it was chilly. G helped me knock a couple things off my Planning for Spring list by helping me build an outdoor loveseat and pick out an outdoor rug. I have to say, I'm excited about spring in the city. I'm excited to not be planning a move and staying in this house another year. I'm happy to have someone special to spend time with and enjoy the city with. It's nice to be on the same page as someone else. <3

Around Here

I have to say, January has been a perfect birthday month and great way to kick off 2016. I had a dreamy birthday weekend. I woke up the morning of my birthday and cried a little because I felt so loved and happy (I'm odd). I have a new person to spend time with and get to know. (<3). And all in all, it's been a month full of friends and laughing and honestly, that's how I want every month to be.

I reflected on 2015 a little bit in my last personal post, but I think the end of the year into the beginning of 2016 really helped me realize that putting myself out there and moving to a new city was worth it. I think I questioned that decision (never out loud) a lot during 2015. I worried I made the wrong choice lying on the sofa in my un-airconditioned house when it was 98 degrees with 70 percent humidity. I worried I made the wrong choice when I realized I was growing apart from friends I thought I cared about deeply. I worried I made the wrong choice when I lied in bed on Sunday mornings to the 8am hum of power tools as they worked on every unoccupied house on my block. But, we're all growing up and figuring it out. Growing apart and growing closer together. I think in the past year I've learned more about myself than I ever have. I've created an independent life for myself. I've tried to be there for my friends and family when they needed me. I put myself out there. I've let myself be vulnerable and saw where it led. And then did it again when I was hurt. I travelled and created memories I'll cherish. The past year has been a rollercoaster, and though I do look back and remember being overwhelmed and, frankly, sad, I also know that I learned a lot about how to grow and overcome.

So hooray for feeling good. And happy. And dreaming of what this year has to offer. 

Around Here (& Peeks of My New House)

Like I said in this previous post, I moved (yet again). This time the move was stressful and one of the furtherest moves I've had and honestly, I'd like to just erase that day from my memory.

But I'm in a whole house and I'm excited.
I'm in a new city and I'm excited.
Everything still feels a little new and what I'm not use to and I'm excited.

The end of summer has been busy for me. Had a few beach trips, had a friend in town, had people come stay with me. I'm trying to get the most out of this new experience, but also trying to get this house together and situated. I don't have A/C (nor did I in my last place), which isn't a huge deal to me but makes moving furniture and hanging art tiring with the intense heat/humidity combo we've been having this summer. And as much as I never want to wish my summer away, I'm starting to feel a little longing for chillier days.

But things are getting done, slowly but surely. I've got a list of projects to get done around the house, which includes: paint the front door (!!!!!!!), get extra bedroom in order, hang everything in my bedroom, clean and set up back deck, stain my pantry and kitchen shelves, buy a new rug and two upholstered chairs for my dining room... So looking forward to having all those things done in the near future (and maybe wishing for a little more motivation to get make things happen).

I'm ready to make memories in this house. <3

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