Two Weeks in Instagram

This isn't much of an update I've been neglecting Instagram a bit since I've been busy with little things that don't seem interesting enough for Instagram. I don't think anyone needs to see pictures of emptying boxes and making dinner. But I spent most of last week down the shore with my parents while T was at drum camp and this week has kind of been a blur. I can't really tell you what I've spent my nights doing, because I can't really remember. Odd, huh?

But 7 hours until the weekend, and I want to celebrate it!

From left: My mom & I's ferry tickets for outlet shopping, grapefruit martinis, beach in Wildwood Crest, Sand & Boardwalk, Pina Colada in a pouch, Abbey!, T hung this picture shelf while I was at work, Abbey & T=BFF, My car had a birthday, Regal Abbey, Morning walk to the car, & my new beautiful typewriter.

This Week in Instagram 7/23-7/27.

Our week down the shore has been really, really lovely. Even though home received a lot of rain and storms last night, we still have nothing but sunshine. We actually have a couple of things we wanted to do once it rained, but since it hasn't rained, no thrifting yet...

This felt like a well-deserved vacation after a lot of transitions in the last couple of months. I am getting used to my 9-5 job, Tim getting used to his 6-2 job, we moved to our new apartment and now just need to get settled. It's been a fantastic week and I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful weather! I will probably share some actual photos from our vacation later on.

It's Friday, and we are getting ready to celebrate our weekend! Any weekend plans?

Photos from left: my can-glass from our Cape May Brewery tasting, Off fortune cookie at the Chinese buffet, We liked Cape May Brewery so much we bought a growler of their wheat brew (our favorite), Beach in Cape May, Third book of my not-going-to-accomplish goal of five books in July, Driving to OCNJ, I made Tim and Jon stand with a fry mascot, Our wheat beer purchases (I told you, it's our favorite), Our shore haven at night, Watermelon for breakfast, Tim&I waiting for the bridge in Wildwood, and an avocado. 


This Week in Instagram.

So this week was a bit chaotic and I've been neglecting this blog a bit with the move and unpacking and organizing. So far, everything has been really great and interesting. I love that my daily routine has been spiced up with going home to a new place, having to think out of the box to organize and finding more and more things to buy for this apartment.

We leave for vacation tonight and I'm hoping to have a lot more time next week to put out some great posts. Looking forward to it!

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Photos from left to right: Abbey after a tiring move, Tim putting together Ikea furniture, the knick knacks that still litter our counter top, Tim looking really great after having his hair thinned, my painted rug in its new home, Stickygrams came! (Review coming soon!), favorite Blowfish flats, fantastic list of craft projects I've been coming up with, Abbey, the most amazingly delicious crumb cake I've ever had!, Cool & The Mints at Bryn & Danes, Friday face.

This Week in Instagram.

We move tomorrow! Wish us luck for a smooth day.

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Photos Left to Right: His&Her's, Tim and I in Cape May, Finished my first July book, New washi tape from Papersource, Our Ikea purchases, Blackie wrapped up in my measuring tape, Mom's birthday tiramisu, First crop of lemons, and our new living room!

This Week in Instagram.

We are counting down the days to the big move next Saturday. Pretty excited. Excited to be there and excited to be done with it. Moving is a lot of stress, fun stress, but still stress. Just trying to be on top of things.

One of my July goals is to celebrate the weekends. Last weekend we spent it painting all the projects we've been working on. Rug finished, litter box furniture thing not finished, then we got some drinks and delicious Mexican food. This weekend we will be down the shore. Just trying to remember to celebrate the little things.

Photos (starting top left going right):

Rug all taped off, My favorite way to spend a Saturday night (Mexican food, Tim, and a BlueMoon), Fixing my bicycle problem, Bike ride, Discovered a Krispy Kreme Donut in Benselam, Litter box all primed, Lemonade at the flea market, Moe's, Odd picture of Elvis that looks just like Dan Aykroyd, Naked chocolate cupcakes, Cute packaging, Abbey looking very regal, Abbey helping me move, Grapefruits for lunch, and my new camera bag with Jo Totes.