Washi Tape Striped Wall

Washi Tape Wall 6 small.jpg
Washi Tape Wall 2 small.jpg

I knew that I wanted to do something powerful in our tiny downstairs bathroom. It's so tiny and so, so boring. I thought about painting it, maybe chalkboard paint or polka dots, but having to repaint that cramped little space seemed like a hassle in 10 months when we might move again. And then I saw this post by A Beautiful Mess and a lightswitch clicked on. Washi tape stripes! Yes! Cue the epic music!

I'm telling you our powder room is tiny (so I apoligize for the one-angled photos, that's the only angle there is.) and now it just feels special. The tape lays very flush with the wall and looks pretty much just like paint, but when we move we can easily just peel that off and move on with our lifes. And it was much cheaper than renter's wallpaper.

Washi Tape Wall 7.jpg

The hardest part was just starting. I ordered mt x CASA Interior Washi Tape in black over a month ago, but the project felt very overwhelming and math-focused. I would get all excited at work thinking about taking it on when I got home, then would get home and think about all that measuring and my brain would start to hurt. So one day when I had off from work, I decided to just do it

I started trying to line the tape up with the side of the wall and quickly realized the walls were not straight. To make that less evident, I put my first piece in the corner with half on the side wall and half on the actual wall I was doing. That hid that it wasn't perfectly straight. 

Washi Tape Wall 4.jpg

My process was to semi-wing it, semi-use the flat-edge from my fabric cutting mat (but any ruler would do). After getting the first stripe down, I measured about 4 inches, made a mark and started laying the next stripe. From there, I eyeballed it. Since the tape was wide, I found it hard to match any marks I made to keep it straight all the way down. And it didn't need to be perfect, I'm certainly no perfectionist. And, it ended up coming out pretty straight anyway! (A+)

Washi Tape Wall 1.jpg

Getting the tape to lay flat is tricky and take a few mess-ups to get right. You have to move slowly and start at the top and work your way down. I found it helped to keep the roll in my hands parallel to the ground and not pull one side further than the other. Smooth out any air bubbles as you go, pushing them down or to either side. A few times I ended up with small creases, but just rub them until they are flat enough to be unnoticeable. 

Washi Tape Wall 3.jpg

After all the stripes are up, use an Exacto knife to make a clean cut at the ceiling, side, and bottom. 

Washi Tape Wall 8.jpg
Washi Tape Wall 2.jpg

And that's it! I'm very much loving it and for how long I put this project off, it was fairly easy!

Ampersand Wall Art

It's been so long since I posted crafty things! The holidays killed my creative energy, but recently I've been feeling inspired and excited to start making things again. This is one of the easiest projects I've ever put together. It cost me nothing being that I had all the supplies in my apartment and took me about an hour one morning. Here we go!

Create a stencil with some regular printer paper. I traced the embroidery hoop I'd be using to make sure the size was right. 

Cut out your stencil and pin to felt.

Cut your felt and place on whatever fabric you'll be using for the hoop.

To attach the felt ampersand to the background, I used a basic stitch. You could also try using a blanket stitch or some other crazy stitch, but I wanted mine to be very simple.

Sew all the way around and that's it! Easiest project ever, right?