Recent Thrift Haul...

Recently, I've been bouncing around thrift stores looking for stuff for craft show prep and have been finding little odds and ends. Nothing too crazy. I've been trying to keep my tendency to hoard vintage housewares and dishes to a minimum lately due to lack of space. I've given myself limits; I only allow myself to pick up things that are a really good price, something that I need, or something that is really special. 

We have been hosting T's family to our apartment to show it off recently and his aunt brought these two refridgerator dishes from her old fridge. I fell in love with that instantly and can't wait to hand the shelves in our kitchen to display them.

I've been looking into buying some different loose teas and found this little cutie in the back shelves of the thrift store across the street from my apartment. Never been used and only a few dollars. Woo!

These things have come from a variety of different places over the past month or so. My friend and I stumbled upon a rummage sale that was almost over and filled a trash bag with a variety of stuff for $2. So that's where those werid salt and pepper shakers came from. They were practically free so I couldn't just leave kitty s&p's there, even if they were strange. The pyrex dish and two blue dishes were given to me from my mom. Good prices apparently. The tin was from the thrift store across the street, which I put a little succulent in.

So that's what I've been doing lately... Have you been finding anything good lately?

Family Finds

Now that T&I are here in our own little home, I've been really happy to have items that remind me of my family and my childhood. I've been trying to fill my home with little odds and ends that that have a vintage, kitchy feel, but the ones that are most important to me and those that come from my family. I'm thrilled to have things around our house and mean so much to me. It's amazing.

Last time I was at my parent's house, my mom was doing some cleaning and found this box with her collection of 45s. She was afraid to give it to me because we would make fun of her, but T turned out loving most of them. She had them organized in the order that she bought them, so we tried to keep them in that order.

That blue porcelain jar is something that always lived on my mom's bureau growing up. It held a bunch of my mom's hair clips and combs that she wore when she was younger and her hair longer. It reminds me of being a little girl for some reason. She gave it to me a few years ago and I use it for the same purpose, to hold some of my barrettes and hair items.

My mom dug this jewerly box out of our crawl space one day and asked me if I wanted it. I love this. It's very simple, but I immediately felt a connection to it.

This mirror lived in T's grandmom's house, but belonged to his parents. I don't know much about it, but when his mom asked me if I wanted it, I felt like we needed to have it. The fur stole belonged to his grandmom (I think) and I'm happy I found the perfect place to display it. T's mom presented it to me saying, "I know you like old things, so I thought you might like this..." which is hilarious. Nonetheless, if I had any intentions of getting married in the winter, I would definitely wear this. Maybe I could pull it off in the fall?

Have you discovered any family finds lately?

Thrift Store Finds

It's been a while since I've been thrifting (and for me, a while is maybe a few weeks). We are on the hunt for some particular things, which is always harder than you think it will be.

But even though I only made it out with these two items, I thought that were lovely enough to have their own post! We haven't had anything to serve on or large plates in general so I was happy to get such a cute plate. The other little bowl now lives upstairs in our bedroom to hold little things. I'm a little obsessed with pretty things that hold other things. I like to group things.

Happy finds. Find anything good lately?

This Weekend's Finds

It's been a pretty long while since I've found anything decent out thrifting. I went out when we were down the shore and everything just seemed to be over priced and just not perfect. To limit myself, I've been running through a list in my head when I find something I may want. 

  • Is the price good?
  • What do I plan to do with it? Use it? Display it? Revamp it?
  • Would I be able to find this somewhere else cheaper down the line?

This was the first weekend that T&I were home with little plans since we moved in. I knew I wanted to travel over to the Columbus Flea market in New Jersey and we found this indoor flea market literally across the street from our apartment. That's probably going to end poorly...

These little beauties made the cut for this weekend. A vintage thermos, which plans to live on top of our high cabinets, came from the indoor flea market across the street along with that vintage floral sheet in the background. The little Pyrex bowl matches the other bowl I have and seemed like a good size for veggies and side dishes. The wooden typeset numbers are our apartment number and I'm in love with them. Everything was really pretty affordable. 

These are what T ended up finding. In the hopes of building our record collection, he has started looking at records when I drag him along to flea markets and thrift stores. It's actually pretty exciting for me because he has something to look at now and it doesn't make me feel so bad making him go with me. He was a good sport all weekend. 

Find anything good lately? I'd love to see!

Finds were found at Columbus Flea Market & The All Things Shoppe.

This Weekend's...


So this weekend we ventured to a new flea market that everyone has told me is rather large and they have tons of stuff. It didn't disappoint. I wasn't in much of a real shopping mood to hunt through things, but this is what I ended up with.

Those four green glass pedestal dessert cups and that citrus tray are my favorite purchases of the day. Those three little trays (that look like festaware but aren't) I got three for a dollar, so how could I really turn that down?! That roll of fabric is two yards of a cotton print. All in all, good day. And hopefully going back soon.

**Purchases were from the Columbus Farmer's Market in Columbus, Nj.