So this is not in any way an original idea, and if you are a Pinterest users as I am, you already know this. I've seen so many tutorials for this and decided that it seemed so easy, why not. Recently, I found three boxes of tiles in Tim's garage and we are considering building a wood coffee table for our living, so I figured that coasters would be easy, inexpensive, and functional. 

I cut some card stock to the size I wanted, ModPodged the paper to the tile, and then covered the entire thing in a healthy dose of ModPodge. I had read in a few places that using an acrylic sealer prevented the ModPodge from staying sticky, So I did two coats of that on top.

Once I was sure they were dry, which was like 3 minutes later, I turned them over and stuck some felt sticker to the bottom. Done.

Happy with the result, will probably end up making a couple sets of these to have around.