Thrift Store Finds

It's been a while since I've been thrifting (and for me, a while is maybe a few weeks). We are on the hunt for some particular things, which is always harder than you think it will be.

But even though I only made it out with these two items, I thought that were lovely enough to have their own post! We haven't had anything to serve on or large plates in general so I was happy to get such a cute plate. The other little bowl now lives upstairs in our bedroom to hold little things. I'm a little obsessed with pretty things that hold other things. I like to group things.

Happy finds. Find anything good lately?

Flea Market/Thrift Store Finds


Sadly, T has been having more luck lately then I have been when it comes to finds. Between the place across from our apartment, Columbus, and this other flea market in town, he's been growing his record collection quite a bit.

These obviously are my little finds. Look just like my kitties.

And the grand finale would be this little beauty. Works pretty fantastically and T carried all the way through town to get it home. We were pretty excited to get it going last night while we had dinner.

What have you found lately?

Best of June.

June has been pretty good to us, but now summer is here in full force. Hoping to get to the beach more, finish up a ton of projects, and build, build, build on this blog. Here are some of the best posts from June!

These finds from a new flea markets and these from the thrift store.

A walkthrough to create your own card book

Another walkthrough on sewing throw pillow covers. And...

Chocolate Raspberry Cupcake Recipe.

Hope you have a great Saturday planned! I'm ready for July to start up!

Weekend Finds

Our big Sunday of flea market/new giant thrift store turned out to be a slight bust. We rushed through the flea market to have time to walk through the thrift store, but the thrift store was closed since it was Sunday. Lame. I did end up grabbing this little wooden sign. Pretty silly.

The chest of drawers is what I'm really excited about. Spotted it in the trash, carried it away, and now it is going to be the home for my kitties' litter box. I'm pretty excited about it since it was free. More updates on that project to come.