October Finds

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It's been a little while since I've had time to spend thrifting, which is really quite sad. Somehow, I made it through the warmer months without stepping foot into a flea market either, which is even more depressing.

My mom and I have a lot of things in common, but one of them is a love of thrifting and searching flea markets. It's pretty amazing actually. I'll tell her that I'm looking for a stew pot, and a few days later she'll call and tell me there's a stew pot waiting for me at her house. (This really happened this week. $2!!) That little wooden shoe and kitty statue came from a trip with my mom two weekends ago, where I also picked up two jelly jar glasses with Peanuts characters on them.

The other items came from a day last week when I decided to pop in on my way home from work. A glass milk bottle, some Ball jars, and two terracotta pots and two glass candle holders that are just screaming to be turned into DIY projects.

October-Finds 2.jpg

That same trip I also picked up this caboodle for a friend of mine, and a Chuck Klosterman book for $2!

But I'm saving the best for last. The day I found this gem in the thrift store, my mom and I were cracking up in the middle of the store.

2013-10-12 16.06.00-2.jpg

Because who doesn't need a handmade corn-on-the-cob costume?!? This is what thrifting dreams are made of!

Happy Thrifting!!

March Finds

So I don't know if you could call these finds, since most of these were found in beautifully curated shop in South Philly but still wanted to share my fun stuff. If you've never been Era Atomica and you live anywhere near Philadelphia, you should probably go. Like tomorrow.

New ice bucket for our bar and two little pups!

Can't wait to find a little spot to display these!

Somehow, I found two more of those glass jars with the floral tops from this post AND a working alarm clock! It's adorable and I'm thrilled. Huzzah.