February Around Here

Do you ever feel like your life needs a pep talk? Like a "hey, you wanted this and now you need to work hard and time manage and not eat three donuts a day and then take a nap to get what you want in the end" kind of talk? Yeah, me too. I think 2014 has the potential to be really great. Like really great. With tons of change (and we all know how I feel about change).

But it takes work. And focus. And working when I get home from work. And blogging on the weekends. And maybe actually doing some physical activity. And limiting my bad food intake. And a handful of other things. But I want it so bad I can taste it. So I greatly appreciate any positive vibes you can send my way.

(These photos, which are of my bedroom, don't really have anything to do with these thoughts. But my upstairs is chaos and I feel like it's relatable to life.)