Appliquéd Thanksgiving Tea Towel

I don't have any Thanksgiving decorations. Mostly because Tim and I travel for the holiday and we don't have a dining room, but I also because I find it hard to create decorations for. It's a lot of browns and oranges, and turkeys. I knew that I wouldn't be hosting Thanksgiving, but I do spend time making pies for our family dinner so I decided some kitchen decorations were in order. I've been wanting to make a sort-of appliqué tea towel and thought this would be a great way to display some Thanksgiving language in our home. Here how I put it together.

You'll need a dish or tea towel, fabric, scissors, straight pins, and a sewing machine. I didn't end up using that dish towel in this picture and swapped it out for a green one.

Depending on how many letters your wording has, cut enough same sized squares out of the fabric. My squares were about 3in x 3in. Using a pencil, draw one letter per square, making sure to keep them relatively the same size.

I chose Give Thanks. You'll want to lay the letters out on your towel to get a sense of the spacing you'll need, but I chose to pin only the one I was sewing. Begin the sewing process by pinning that first letter down with 1 or 2 pins.

Using a zig zag stitch, sew around the outside each letter. You'll want to stay right along the edge and when you get to a corner, simply put the needle in, lift your presser foot, and rotate the fabric. Once you get all the way around, tie the extra threads together on each side before moving on to the next letter. The hardest part is doing circular letters. That "S" was very difficult and frustrating, but just take your time and go slow. You'll do it. And it doesn't have to be perfect, it's handmade!

I love it! It adds such a perfect touch of holiday spirit to our little apartment. And these would make great hostess gifts to whoever you celebrate your Thanksgiving with.

The color combinations and fabric can be switched out for any decor, holiday, or personal preference. You can even personalize it for a housewarming party or a favorite saying. Possibilities are endless!

Just Making Some Vintage Sleep Shorts

These sleep shorts were a combination of a two ideas I stumbled upon on Pinterest. I found an online shop/blog which sells handmade dresses made from vintage sheets as well as a tutorial to make sleep shorts. I decided that since I had a small growing collection of vintage sheets in my fabric stash, I'd try my hand at a pair of elastic sleep shorts made from vintage sheets. So soft!

With only a minor size issue in the behind, I love them. Since I made them, I've been thinking about who else would want a pair so I could make another! My next step is to figure out how much to adjust my pattern for a smaller and larger pair. They look really cute with a simple ribbed tank top, so I also want to figure out a way to use the fabric on a tank, maybe a pocket or something. Who wants a set?! 

Sewing a Pillow Cover with a Zipper

Before moving into the apartment, I had made pillow covers with backflaps for two of my pillows. I ordered two pillow covers from this great site because I couldn't find a great fabric I liked to make my own, and she had just the right fabric. But I have one odd pilow that still needed a cover. It's a rectangle and a backflap would have been a little odd, so I decided to make one with a zipper enclosure... 

First measure and cut out your pieces. My pillow was 18x12, so I added a half inch on each side for seam allowance. So I cut two pieces 19x13 and bought a 18 inch zipper.

Sewing the zipper is the trickiest part of this whole pillow. It's actually the only semi-difficult part. With the fabric right side up, place the zipper right side down and line up the right sides of both. Pin down with a few pins to keep in place.

Change feet to a zipper foot.

Sew zipper on, using your zipper foot as a guide. You're half way there!

Placing right sides together, line the zipper with the under fabric on the right. Pin in place and sew just like on the other side.

Congrats you have successfully sewn a zipper! Now, just line up the pieces of fabric and pin in place.

Beginning with a zipper side, sew with a half inch sew allowance along the side, when you get to a corner, put needle in, lift presser foot, and turn the fabric. Sew all the way around!

Turn inside out, and ta-da! A pillow cover is born!

I love the fabric and the pillow looks rather great on my sofa! My opinion on pillows is the more the merrier! Seven on the sofa and chair thus far...