May Thrift Finds

May Finds 2.jpg

Do you ever pick up thrift store finds and wonder who the previous owner was? I always do, especially when the items are quirky and strange like these little cuties. Who else wanted puppy (dachshund?) suncatchers and why would they discard them??

T and I have been taking nightly walks around town now that the weather is nice since I'm always itching to get outside once I'm home from work. We're also loving the easy exercise and I'm loving that there are several thrift stores within walking distance of our apartment.

I always walk up and down each of the bric-a-brac sections of thrift stores because I love housewares. These two suncatchers were just hanging on a lone hook next to a dog leash and I nabbed them immediately. They're so darling!

May Finds 1.jpg

Can't wait to find a home for them! For 95cents, how could I turn these little guys down?

May Finds 3.jpg

Anyone else pumped for warmer weather and flea market season? I know I am!

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