Printing&Framing Instagram Photos

In the past couple of months, I have been trying much harder to document things in my life better. Having my iPhone and Instagram on me at all times makes it much easier to document the little moments in life that would otherwise be mostly forgotten. I should preface with saying that I am not a very photogenic person and very critical of myself in photos, so it's a rare occurrence that I find photos of myself that I would actually want to frame and look at every day. But now that I've been taking more photos, the chance that I would snag a good one is higher. 

I decided I wanted to print one of my Instagram photos for a square frame that I had purchased. There are really awesome websites out there that do this for you, but I thought I could figure it out on my own. Here's what I did using Photoshop Elements...

After uploading the photo onto your computer, open it in Photoshop. Open a blank canvas that is your desired size (my matte was 3x3) and change resolution to 150. 150 is a bit low for printing photos, but it's a camera phone photo and it didn't have to be crystal clear.

With the photo open, double click on Background in the layers menu. A pop-up box will appear, just click okay. You will see that Background now says Layer 0.

Using the move tool (top left in tool panel) click on the photo and drag to the blank canvas.

Using the corner arrows, adjust the photo to fit the canvas. Press enter to accept.

Now we print. Click file-print in top menu bar and you'll get a pop-up like this. Select the printer you will be using. Then select the photo paper size you plan to use (mine was 4x6). Unclick the Crop to Fit box and choose actual size for print size. You're pop-up box should look like mine above. When you hit print, you may get a message about the dpi being low, but again, this is a camera phone photo and it will be a little grainy close up. Mine looks really clear unless you are really looking at it closely.

Enter photo paper and print! Super easy way to get those photos off your computer and phone and display them. I love the square frame since most of the other frames I have are rectangular. The plan is to add this to a photo grouping that will appear somewhere in our home, but right now it sits near this purple bird cage. 

Happy creating!