Sewing a Pillow Cover with a Zipper

Before moving into the apartment, I had made pillow covers with backflaps for two of my pillows. I ordered two pillow covers from this great site because I couldn't find a great fabric I liked to make my own, and she had just the right fabric. But I have one odd pilow that still needed a cover. It's a rectangle and a backflap would have been a little odd, so I decided to make one with a zipper enclosure... 

First measure and cut out your pieces. My pillow was 18x12, so I added a half inch on each side for seam allowance. So I cut two pieces 19x13 and bought a 18 inch zipper.

Sewing the zipper is the trickiest part of this whole pillow. It's actually the only semi-difficult part. With the fabric right side up, place the zipper right side down and line up the right sides of both. Pin down with a few pins to keep in place.

Change feet to a zipper foot.

Sew zipper on, using your zipper foot as a guide. You're half way there!

Placing right sides together, line the zipper with the under fabric on the right. Pin in place and sew just like on the other side.

Congrats you have successfully sewn a zipper! Now, just line up the pieces of fabric and pin in place.

Beginning with a zipper side, sew with a half inch sew allowance along the side, when you get to a corner, put needle in, lift presser foot, and turn the fabric. Sew all the way around!

Turn inside out, and ta-da! A pillow cover is born!

I love the fabric and the pillow looks rather great on my sofa! My opinion on pillows is the more the merrier! Seven on the sofa and chair thus far...

Best of June.

June has been pretty good to us, but now summer is here in full force. Hoping to get to the beach more, finish up a ton of projects, and build, build, build on this blog. Here are some of the best posts from June!

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Hope you have a great Saturday planned! I'm ready for July to start up!

Making Some Pillow Covers

When I lived in my last apartment, I found these green satin pillows at my old job that I used the year I lived there. Switching gears to this new apartment, I knew that I didn't want to use them, but throw pillows are always so pricey these days. So I decided to just make new covers for them all. I have six all together and I'm going to use three different fabrics.

There are millions of tutorials out there, but it didn't seem to hard to figure it out myself, so this is what I did. I used one yard of fabric all together for two pillows.


I measured my pillow, which was 16 inches, and made a pattern out of some newspaper. For one pillow, I needed three pieces, a 17x17 front and two 17x10 back pieces. I then pinned and cut.

I pressed a half-inch insteam on one of the 17-inch sides of the two back pieces and hemmed for a clean flap in the back. I wanted the flaps to overlap, covering the back of the pillow, so that's why they are each 10 inches.

Then pinned the two back pieces to the front piece, patterned sides together, and stiched all the way around with a half-inch insteam. 

Flip right side up...


And you have yourself a pillow cover! I am by no means a great seamstress, probably not even a decent one, I usually just make it up as I go. But I am pretty darn happy with the results!

**I was making two pillow covers, so that's why the one photo above shows six pieces, not just three.

***Fabric was from a $3 bin at J&O Fabrics in Pennsauken, NJ. It might be my new favorite place to buy fabric.