DIY: Bold Front Door

I haven't lived in an actual house since I lived in my parents house several years ago. And though I've loved all the apartments I've lived in for one reason or another, I would be lying if I said I wasn't excited to rent a whole house. No having to buzz people in. No having to park and then walk groceries up flights of stairs. No sharing laundry facilities. I get to have a basement and a backyard. And, in a weird way, I was excited to have a front door. A front door that I could paint and hope that my landlord doesn't hate me too much for. 

Here's what my house looked like when I moved in. I live in a rowhome in Philadelphia so I have a house on either side of me, with two windows in the front. I know it isn't for everyone, but I happen to think my little house is pretty cute from the front. But that front door was filthy dirty and really needed a new coat of paint, regardless of the color. Figuring out the door color was the hardest part. I wanted something that was bold, but also wouldn't be completely awful to cover when I needed to repaint over it when I move out. I also wanted it to be bold, but didn't want it to be so weird that my neighbors hate me for having to look at it. I also wanted it to be a color that would compliment the brick, which means I couldn't have the hot pink door of my dreams.

So here we are! Halfway through painting the door I thought I had made a terrible mistake. It seemed really bedroom-y and not as bright as I had hoped. But once I finished the first coat and stepped back, I loved it. I used Valspar Exterior Paint in Aqua Quartz and I think it really makes my house pop without being too obnoxious. Mission accomplished! <3

Painting Neon Utensils

Sometimes you need a "just for fun" project. You're walking around Target on a Saturday afternoon with little to do with the rest of your day and you see these bamboo kitchen utensils and decide that they would be better with neon handles. That doesn't happen to you? Must just be me then...

These are so easy, they don't really warrant a walk through, but I'm so nice that I provided one anyway!

You'll begin with ordinary bamboo/wooden kitchen utensils. 

Using painter's tape, tape off the ends that you want to paint. Make sure to get a straight line, and each one is around the same size of painting area.

Using any color craft paint (I used neon orange, pink, and chartreuse), paint the ends of each utensil. At first, this will seem like it will never cover, but several coats later and there you have it. I did around four coats, I believe. Remove the tape and let dry completely before using. 

Now, these obviously aren't dishwasher safe, but very fun.

Enjoy cooking with your pretty new spoons and spatulas! I might make a few more of these, and they would make lovely housewarming gifts! 

Chalkboard Speech Bubble Mugs

It is safe to say that I've been wanting to paint these plain, white Ikea mugs that I picked up in a thrift store for some time now. I've seen chalkboard paint used on mugs around the blog and Pinterest world, but wanted to put my own little spin on it with a stencil.

Pebeo makes a chalkboard paint that is dishwasher friendly. You will also need something to paint and a brush, some painter's tape and an exacto knife.

Apply the tape as smooth as you can and draw whatever shape you want on there. With an exacto knife, cut the shape out. You might want to do a test run on your mug and make sure you won't scratch it with the exacto knife, but mine seemed to make it through just dandy. Once you cut out the shape, be sure to press the tape down again.

Apply even coats of the chalkboard paint, I did around three coats and then after a few hours remove the tape. 

Your mug might look like this, but try not to panic! Using your exacto knife, scratch off the parts that ran under the tape. Follow the directions on the bottle, let dry for 24 hours before baking.

Make yourself some tea and enjoy your happy mugs!

Create Neon Terracotta Pots

Sometimes, you need a "Just for fun" project to keep the creative juices flowing. I've been seeing a ton of neon flower pots on Pinterest and Home Design books recently and wanted to create one that was super easy (and cheap). Our bedroom is very blank. White walls, black and white furniture pieces, currently white and gray bedding. Even the brick in our upstairs is painted white (and I'm not sure why?), so I wanted to add some paints and a pop of color up there.

I bought a couple terracotta pots and houseplants and some white and neon acrylic paints. Using a foam brush, I painted the whole pot white. I needed to use several coats to get a clean look. I then painted the bottom half neon pink. I was going to use painter's tape to get a straight line, but ended up just freehanding it. Again, I did several coats to make sure it covered completely. And that's it!

I'm in love with this little project and I can't wait to buy more pots and plants to make more!

Chalkboard Paint Wine Glasses

At some point when I was living in my last apartment, my mom gave me this pack of 12 plain wine glasses that she found somewhere for like $2. She already had plenty of wine glasses, so she felt the need to buy them and handed them off to me. I don't really drink wine (my goal is to find a wine that I actually do like) and T drinks it every once in a while. 

But the fact that they were plain bothered me and I thought I could decorate them differently. My first idea was to use chalkboard paint to paint the bottoms of the glasses, so at a party, you don't loose your glass! Here's what I did...

It's a really simple project. Just need some glasses, painter tape, and chalkboard spray paint (I used Krylon).

Tape off your glasses. This was the most time consuming for me because I was really trying to make the lines across the stem rather perfect. Then just cover part of the glass so spray doesn't end up anywhere it shouldn't.

The paint! I held them by the globe and with a continuous spray, rotated the glasses in my hand. Let dry upside down.

Remove the tape and your done! I let mine sit upside down on the counter overnight and by the morning, they seemed completely dry. Obviously these can't go in the dishwasher (but they are too high for my dishwasher anyway!) and I'm pretty much in love with them. Makes me wish I liked to drink wine!