It's Been a While....

Oh hey guys! It's been quite a little while since I've updated you on my little life. A lot has been going on. A lot of stress. A lot of happy feelings. Only one mini meltdown. 

I decided I needed a change. A big change. So I up and moved to a house in Philadelphia where I'm just beginning to get my things unpacked and house put together. It's a big change and even though it's been hard on me, I know it's the right choice. I'm out of my comfort zone. I'm in a completely new environment. I'm closer to my friends and now have an entire house to myself with space to spread out and room for friend's to stay the night. It's still a little overwhelming at the moment, but I'm figuring things out and will hopefully have some new content for you all soon. <3

Around Here in June

It's been a whirlwind of a weekend. Friday night we moved a ton of boxes. Saturday we moved furniture in the morning and then settled in unpacking box after box. Sunday and Monday were spent organizing and getting things away, but it's actually starting to feel like a home around here. 

Tomorrow morning I'm getting on a plane to fly to New Orleans for a mini vacation/road trip with a college friend. I'm so outrageously excited to get away, have some quality lady time, and sweat my face off in NOLA. I'm thrilled for summer. It's going to be great.

PS: I got my first NatureBox in the mail today! Everything that I've tried has been freaking delicious and I'm so happy to have them with me to take on my travels!

Moving's No Fun

This was life around here for a few days. Yup, life. Thankfully, it is starting to shape up around here. We are loving our larger apartment, we are loving the couple of new projects we have going on for the space, I'm loving shopping around for chairs and new bedding. We can't wait to get this place spick and span for a little housewarming gathering (with grilled cheese!) and we are making the most of our summer. I'll share a few photos of how things are coming together later this week.

Do you have a moving strategy? Mine is move everything into the new space as fast as possible and make everyone go home. Oh, and try not to stress... :)


So I realized that I have yet to feature my kitties on here and I think today is a great day to do it. Moving them to our new home was relitively harmless and quick (just a little car sickness in the carrier), and then are MUCH happier now that they have room to run around and giant windows to stare out.

Audrey took the move fine; she's usually the one I worry about since she gets so upset about things.

Abbey was fine, as always.

Happy cats! Happy weekend!