It's Been a While....

Oh hey guys! It's been quite a little while since I've updated you on my little life. A lot has been going on. A lot of stress. A lot of happy feelings. Only one mini meltdown. 

I decided I needed a change. A big change. So I up and moved to a house in Philadelphia where I'm just beginning to get my things unpacked and house put together. It's a big change and even though it's been hard on me, I know it's the right choice. I'm out of my comfort zone. I'm in a completely new environment. I'm closer to my friends and now have an entire house to myself with space to spread out and room for friend's to stay the night. It's still a little overwhelming at the moment, but I'm figuring things out and will hopefully have some new content for you all soon. <3

A Moving Update.

Although our (read:my) goal was to have things at home pretty much together before we left for vacation this week, I feel pretty good about what we have accomplished. TONS of boxes are empty and a dozen or so still remain, just being moved from spot to spot. But a great improvement from the day we moved in.  

Still on the hunt for the perfect bookshelf for our little cubby/nook area for all our books and movies and more bathroom storage before we can say we are box-free. We also have a bunch of shelves we (read:I) want to hang, art to put up, and a coffee table to build. We are getting there though!

Photos of our progress...

That orange lamp is the one I wrote about here, and painted rug and slipcover (once I finish it) will be up on here in the upcoming month or so!