Weekend Fun From May

We'd had a string of lovely weekends over here. The weather has been (mostly) warm and sunny and we've had a handful of things planned each weekend, which I love. Add to that some shopping, thrifting, multiple walks into town for breakfast, frozen beverages, tons of live music, my new car, and handful of new dollar records and you've got a couple of perfect weekends. I'm loving our town and the weather around here more than ever. Life feels rather full right now.

Happy Friday! (And for those keeping track at home, yes, Tim got a haircut.)

Spring Fever

Do you ever get spring fever? That burning desire to drop everything and have a picnic in the park? Clean for entire afternoons? Take out all your summer clothes and tuck away your winter coats? Fill your home with flowers and house plants? Breaking out your sandals maybe a little too early? Sit in your house and wish you had something to do outside to enjoy the weather?

yes. yes. yes. yes. yes. yes.

Working in an office with a window gets harder during the warmer months. All I want to do is be outside in the sun. But that's how life goes. This spring and summer are going to be different in the best possible ways. The changing of the seasons is always something to be excited about in my opinion. I love consistent change and as much as I love warm weather, living somewhere without seasons would get old for me after a while.

My hopes are high for this spring, and so far it has been very lovely. On the horizon I'm looking forward to long days at the shore, BBQs, and weekend vacations. I'm excited to see some larger projects done that I've been putting off. Let's just say, my expectations are high.

What are you looking forward to now that the weather is nicer?

Happy weekend! Make it a good one!

May Goals

Last month I wanted to get a bunch of things in order. The new car situation is moving along; down payment is down and then I wait. It's unfortunate that my desired color/needs combination means I can't have what I want right away. I did some spring cleaning and purged my closets, which is great. Still waiting to get those to-do list items done though.... On to May...

  • Spend more time outside. Enjoying time together and the warm weather.
  • Try and decide what we are doing with our apartment. With our good news last week, we need to try and figure out what kind of an apartment we are looking for and what works best for us. This might not get situated this week, but we will see.
  • Get back into cooking dinner. Now that both of us will be home for dinner more, I need to snap myself back into cooking mode. I actually like it, even though it does make me a bit stressed. I find it satisfying.

Happy Spring!