Fall Bucket List

It's Fall, people.

Pumpkins are everywhere. Mums are on every doorstep. People are talking Halloween costumes. The leaves are changing colors. Scarves are out. I've even broken out both my denim and leather jacket and I'm excited for the change of season. Summer was hot. Like really-hot-all-the-time hot. Like I-need-to-rinse-off-multiple-times-a-day-because-I'm-disgusting hot. So having cool nights and wearing tights and sweaters has been exceptional. Plus, I can turn my oven on again without making my house sweltering. Hooray!

I stopped setting goals on here a long time ago, but I thought it would be fun to create a little "bucket list" of some things I wanted to carve some time out to get done this Fall. Some are Fall-related. Some are just things that need to get done. A couple things I've actually already done between when I wrote this post and actually published it (in bold)! But all in all, I'm looking forward to a change in the seasons.

  1. Get a haircut.
  2. Bake something new with apples.
  3. Figure out a new favorite fall cocktail.
  4. Paint front door.
  5. Host Friendsgiving.
  6. Get extra bedroom in order (paint bed frame, buy bedding, hang art).
  7. Carve pumpkins.
  8. Attend a Rocky Horror Picture Show showing!
  9. DIY a Halloween costume.
  10. Fry something. (I'm secretly terrified of frying things...) 

Let's Talk About Cats.

It's not a secret that I might be a crazy cat lady. I actually have to tell myself that our house, my office, and my wardobe cannot be 100 percent cat stuff because people will start thinking I'm nuts. As I am writing this, I'm wearing a cat blouse, there are about four kitty knick knacks, and staring at a calendar with photos of my own cats (made by my darling best friend last Christmas). Let's just say, I'm a cat enthusiast and leave it at that.

But it's so easy to fill your life with cats when people are designing such lovely feline stuff right now! Here are a few of my current favorites!

1. Meow for Measuring Cups, 2. Paul & Joe Cat Collection Blusher Sticks, 3. Picasso Cats Scarf, 4. You've Gato Call Phone Stand, 5. Cat Printed Mary Janes, 6. Animal Clothes Hangers, 7. Handmade Kitten-printed iPad case, 8. Stay Home Club T-Shirt, 9. Meow's the Time Heels in Pink.

Projects To Do

Now that the weather is starting to perk up, I'm getting excited to conquering a few projects that need to get worked on. Daylight savings happened over the weekend and I'll be thrilled to have some daylight when I get home from work to craft and photograph life.

This record cabinet, which my Dad pulled the speaker out of right after I bought it, has been on my to-do list since I bought it two years ago. Right now, it functions has our bar but I would love to recover the front and think about what it would look like with gray paint.

I hate these bar stools. I thought I liked them and Tim and I tend to battle between what I like and what's actually practical. Someday, we will have lovely bar stools but right now we have these. My plan is to paint them green and reupholster the seats with black and white fabric. They will be better!

My poor little vanity. I got this so long ago, I think I was in high school, and had such high hopes for it. I could never commit to what I wanted to do with it, but I'm thinking a charcoal gray and some pretty glass knobs. I was thinking about maybe getting a glass top cut for it too. That stool also needs some work...

 Hooray for projects and nice weather to do them in!

Tea Time!

Winter is my least favorite time of year. As much as I love layering and snuggling up with blankets, I hate the cold and blustery weather. I don't drink coffee because it upsets my stomach but recently, I've been obsessed with hot tea. I'm so addicted that a drink it during the day to keep me going at work and several cups at night to snuggle up with. I've been searching for some pretty things to go with my addiction to tea. Here are some of my favorites!

1. Bella Electric Tea Kettle, 2. The Perfect Tea Mug in Peppermint, 3. Teapot Brooch, 4. Lotta Sugar Bowl and Lotta Creamer, 5. With a Twist Teacups, 6. Charm in Arm Coffee Mug, 7. Lemon Press Bird, 8. David's Starter Kit.

Christmas List

I love new things and I love buying Christmas presents for others. The giving of gifts is something that I really find rewarding. Here are some of the things that are on my Christmas list this year. (Cross your fingers!)

1. Year of the Critter 2013 Cat Calendar, 2. Staring at Stars Cocoon Eternity Scarf, 3. The Perfect Tea Mug, 4. First and Forrest Shaker Set, 5. Aztec iPhone Case, 6. Minnetonka El Paso Moccasins, 7. Finals Week Chic Top