Lately in Instagram

Things have been going along pretty well these days. Been crafting and baking away recently and all of a sudden, September is almost over. T's birthday is coming up next week and I have a full weekend ahead of me....Off to the city tonight for some Fringe shows, flea market tomorrow morning then spending the rest of the day prepping for T's party. But Sunday is my relax day.

From left: Audrey enjoying a new box; both cats on the couch; one of my fav thrift stores; sewing a pillow cover (check back for DIY!); soup, super nintendo, and a kitty; Abbey playing dead; behind our apartments; my first scarf of fall; new shoes; Audrey doing a great job of guarding some vintage sheets; our coffee table, in parts; Abbey; giant plate of snickerdoodles (check back for recipe!); first pumpkin spice latte of fall; me at work; a giant trip to the craft store; Abbey hanging out in my newly made wreath (check back for DIY!); AND applesauce cupcakes to be on the blog tomorrow! Whew...that was a lot!