Revamping an Old Lamp

When Tim and I decided that we wanted to move, every family member, friend, and mild acquaintance asked us if we needed anything. To clarify, these people were trying to clean out their basements and attics of the furniture that had been collecting dust over the years. I'm sure their intend was to be kind and giving AND do some a little spring cleaning. Killing two birds with one stone, you could say. For me, someone who is very particular about the things I like, it's an awkward situation to be in. As much as I love scrounging though thrift stores and flea markets searching for vintage finds, I like the things I like. But when I was offered this rather plain and basic lamp from Tim's parents, I knew I could give it a good transformation. (I also have realized I had an odd fasination with lamps, being that we have five or six sitting around our apartment currently.)

As I said, pretty standard right? It had a basic off-white empire lamp shade. I think we can all agree, not the most thrilling lamp in the world. I knew I wanted some orange accents in our new living room, so the obvious way to vamp this lamp up was with a little orange spray paint. We used Rust-oleum Gloss Protective Enamel in orange.

First thing we did was lightly sand the base of the lamp to just add a little texture for the paint to stick to. Maybe not completely necessary, but we did it anyway.

Then we taped off the medal lighting element and the cord to keep them paint-free.

Then Tim sprayed away! We did two coats for even coverage.

And with a new drum shade, I'm pretty much in love with it! A really great project since it only cost us the price of the spray paint and the new shade. Once the living room is together and there aren't boxes everywhere you look, I think it will add so much to the room.

Photos of the move will be up late this week!