It's Summer, I'm Excited

The last 2 months have been a lot of ups and downs. Major life changes kind of stuff, which is sometimes good and sometimes bad. I'm a lover of change, but I also understand that not all change is easy. But I'm pushing through because that's what we do around here. One day at a time.

But all this change has me really excited for summer. I'm moving again, have a mini vacation planned to New Orleans in a couple weeks, and a week vacation to OCMD in July. Throw in some weekends down the shore and many flea market trips and I'm a happy camper. Summer makes me feel alive and motivated. Things are just better in summer. I have a feeling this is going to be a good one.

Weekend Fun From June

The weekend before the Fourth of July, Tim and I spent the day down the shore. It was kind of a whim of a decision; we didn't have anything planned for the weekend, we hadn't been on the beach yet, we wanted to get outside. Because of issues with my new car, we decided to stay at a friend's shore house and once we pulled into North Wildwood, we found out there was an Italian American Festival going on that weekend. Tim and I were immediately thrilled. Italian sausage, zeppole, cheap beer, street food, oldies music, and even a meatball relay (did you know that was a real thing?)

Italian Festival 7.jpg
Italian Festival 2.jpg
Italian Festival 3.jpg
Italian Festival 1.jpg
Italian Festival 4.jpg
Italian Festival 5.jpg

Just another happy Saturday in North Wildwood with two of my favorite people.

Moving's No Fun

This was life around here for a few days. Yup, life. Thankfully, it is starting to shape up around here. We are loving our larger apartment, we are loving the couple of new projects we have going on for the space, I'm loving shopping around for chairs and new bedding. We can't wait to get this place spick and span for a little housewarming gathering (with grilled cheese!) and we are making the most of our summer. I'll share a few photos of how things are coming together later this week.

Do you have a moving strategy? Mine is move everything into the new space as fast as possible and make everyone go home. Oh, and try not to stress... :)

Summer Favorites

1. Loly in the Sky Sonia Loafers, 2. Two Wolvves Handmade Knitted Crop Top, 3. Showboat Clothing Handmade Flamingo Bikini, 4. BonLook La Marquise Tortoise Sunglasses, 5. ModCloth Carrot Crop Sandal, 6. Cat Tipi, 7. Buluchu Everyday Handbag, 8. Citrus Floral Tin Recipe Box.

Happy First Day of Summer! Here in Pennsylvania, it's a lovely 83 degree Friday and we are set up to have a weekend with more great weather. I just adore summer.

As with any changing of the seasons, I feel like I need to purchase new things. New bathing suits, sunnies, handbags, etc. It's a pretty bad habit to have, but with so much cute stuff out in the world, how can you not want to replace everything you own every season (or week)?

Tim and I have things planned for this summer. A lot of relaxing, a week down the shore, a few weekend adventures, and tons of walks to breakfast, Chinese food, and drinks. Celebrate your weekend!

PS: Anyone looking to buy me a gift? I will take anything in this collage! Ha!

June Goals

Half way through the year and I'm enjoying this way of setting goals. I like looking back each month and seeing if I completed them and I love that the goals I'm setting are easy and fun. Last month I wanted to spend more time outside, which we are working on (lots of morning and after work walks and a few BBQs) and get back into cooking, which is going stronger than I thought it would. I say, I cook 3-4 nights a week. That might not sound like a success to everyone, but I think it's pretty darn cool. I am also thrilled to tell you we are moving again! But this time, just a hallway over. Our apartment is bigger and will hopefully be everything we are yearning for (more space! less stuff!). Here are some things to focus on for June....

  • Get healthier. I've been thinking a lot about how I feel everyday (and maybe how I look in a bikini) and am wondering if my lack of diet and exercise is hurting me. I want to get more real food into my diet, cut out some junk by finding new things I love, and get to the gym more. I just want to feel positive!
  • Have a stress-free move. We decided to move earlier this week and will be moving June 8. That's two weeks to pack, clean, purge, organize, etc. I think the small amount of time will help me not becoming overly stressed, but I'm still a basket-case on the day of the move. Trying to avoid that for the sake of everyone.
  • Enjoy our shore time. We are lucky enough to have access to my parent's place down the shore and I want to spend that time relaxing. I tend to get anxious without things planned and just laying around, but that's what these vacations are for. 

Happy Summer!