Happy Halloween

Just popped in to say Happy Halloween to all my lovely readers!

Halloween holds a special place in my heart. I love the candy, costumes, the idea of trick or treating, carving pumpkins, and watching Halloween movies on the sofa. Last weekend we held a little pumpkin carving party at our house with pumpkin beer, spiked hot apple cider, and pumpkin and chocolate doughnuts. Tonight we'll be watching some Hitchcock movies and eating stew. Friday we will be adorning our costumes for some bar time; I'm dressing as Audrey Hepburn and Tim as Indiana Jones (!!!) 

What are your Halloween plans? Did you already celebrate?

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Candy Corn Paper Cupcake Topper DIY

Candy-Corn-Cupcake-Toppers 9.jpg

These Candy Corn Cupcake Toppers are great for your Halloween parties, or maybe just to want to make someone feel extra special when you give them a plate full of Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcakes. Whenever you chose to do with these toppers, they add a cute little something-something to embrace the fall spirit.

Candy-Corn-Cupcake-Toppers 2.jpg

For these toppers, you'll need toothpicks; orange, yellow, and white printed scrapbooking or cardstock; plain cardstock; scissors; and glue dots or glue stick.

Candy-Corn-Cupcake-Toppers 3.jpg

Cut out a candy corn shape out of the plain cardstock. Mine was about 1 1/2 inches tall. I cut one out, and then used that as a stencil to make a half dozen more that were the same size.

Candy-Corn-Cupcake-Toppers 4.jpg

Start with your white patterned paper and cover the top third in the paper. I applied my glue dot to the plain paper, and then stuck it to the sheet of patterned paper and cut the shape out that way. This provides a straight edge and less cutting than cutting out a small section, then gluing, then cutting again.

Candy-Corn-Cupcake-Toppers 5.jpg

For the center orange section, cut out a strip that's as tall as a third of your candy corn shape, glue, and trim to the right size.

Candy-Corn-Cupcake-Toppers 6.jpg

For the yellow section, line up your yellow paper and glue the entire paper down. Trim to size, similar to adding the white section.

Candy-Corn-Cupcake-Toppers 7.jpg

Ta-da! Quirky patterned candy corn shape! How cute is that? Mixing patterns is part of the fun.

Candy-Corn-Cupcake-Toppers 8.jpg

Apply some glue to the toothpick and glue to the back of the candy corn. If you are using an actual normal-sized toothpick, use some kind of liquid glue (tacky glue or Mod Podge) to glue toothpick to the back of the candy corn. Cut a small strip of paper and apply over the toothpick, creating a foundation for the toothpick to stick to. I hope that makes sense...

Candy-Corn-Cupcake-Toppers 11.jpg

Stick those babies where they belong... I just love the mix of patterns!

Candy-Corn-Cupcake-Toppers 10.jpg
Candy-Corn-Cupcake-Toppers 12.jpg

This is a great project to use up some scrapbooking paper scraps or even extra fabric that's been sitting around your craft cabinet. Or at least, that's where I found my paper. And those toothpicks can be found next to the regular toothpicks in the supermarket. Since I have an entire container of them now, I'm sure more cupcake toppers are in the near future. They're just so cute and fun!

Candy-Corn-Cupcake-Toppers 13.jpg

Disclaimer: I don't even like candy corn, but this is my second candy corn craft. It's such a festive color combo.

Felt Garland

With Halloween this Wednesday, I knew I wanted to make a little garland to decorate our stairs. With our small apartment, I don't have room to keep a ton of holiday decorations, but I did buy some little pumpkins to sit around. I already have it in my head that I will make a Christmas one, and wanted to give felt garland a try for a banner I was hoping to add to my craft show tables.

I don't have walk through for this because it's that easy. Get some cheap felt at the craft store in the colors you want, cut out a bunch of circles. I liked to cut strips, then cut the strips to squares, and from the squares cut circles. I also made them different shaped circles and ovals.

Decide on a pattern. I did orange, white, yellow. Then put them through the sewing machine one at a time, overlapping them as you sew. That's it!

Happy pre-Halloween!