Hi, 2014!

2013 was one for the books; no question about it. And I'm hoping that 2014 is only going to be better and sweeter. I'm all in.

Each year on this blog I've tried to handle goal setting a little differently. Guys, I'm no good at it. I tried setting monthly goals, but I forget about them and if I actually accomplished any of them by the end of the month, it was only by shear luck. So this year, I'm trying something a bit different for me.

Fourteen goals for 2014. Some are broad, some are specific. Some are blog related and some aren't. We're all over the place, and I think I like that.

  1. Plan another camping weekend. (Did you catch our last one?)
  2. Find a place to live that's more conducive to our lives.
  3. Improve photography skills.
  4. Find a physical activity that I love.
  5. Make better clothing purchases. Save for really want items. 
  6. Get better at budgeting and saving.
  7. Create better blog content with better time management.
  8. Take a class!
  9. Work on my bad laziness habit.
  10. Go on a day trip!
  11. Take more self and family photos.
  12. Learn to keep indoor plants alive.
  13. Visit more flea markets and thrift stores. (Can you believe I'm setting that as a goal? This year I barely went to any flea markets! Hog wash!)
  14. Become better at celebrating the everyday, even work days.

Hope you have a relaxing New Years Day and a great start to 2014!

November Goals

Each month I've been trying to really reflect on the past month's goals, and some months I let myself down by not fully completing those goals. But as Meatloaf says, I guess two out of three ain't bad.

At the very end of October, I've jumped on the Couch to 5K bandwagon and have finished my first week. I think I might actually be liking it (let's hope it stays that way.) And I have purchased 2 Christmas presents, so I'm counting that... But our busy October is really keeping me from cleaning and purging our apartment. Like I said, two out of three.

Here some goals for November:

  • Plan this blog ahead for our week vacation. Some weekends I knock out a bunch of content and have posts written and scheduled ahead of time, some times it's more like writing for the next day. Tim and I are going on vacation with Tim's parents in the middle of November, and I want to simply have those posts written and scheduled so it's one less thing to worry about.
  • Control my me-spending. November always means Christmas shopping and while shopping for other people, I tend to get carried away with purchasing a lot for myself. I need to remember that I know the things that are on my "really really want" list and stick to that list!
  • Get my hair trimmed. This is so silly, but I've been putting this off like crazy. Plus, I love a simple, easy, personal goal. :) 

Wishing everyone a thankful November.

October Goals

It seems strange that October is already upon us. I keep mentioning it, but as much as I love summer, the transition into fall is just magically over here in the Philadelphia area. The weather has been pretty awesome lately, and I hope that doesn't change for a while. As I write this, I am starting to feel a sore throat coming on and I'm not ready to break out my pea coat anytime soon.

Tim and I gave Insanity a serious go, but it wasn't right for us. Tim was seeing better result from going to the gym everyday and I was having a hard time with the time commitment and not seeing great results either. And I think it might have been a bit too intense for us anyway. But, it got me feeling good about dedicating some amount of time a few times a week to working out. I'm not very good at going to the gym, even though we have a really nice one in our apartment complex, so I've been switching between a few workout DVDs, and running outside. Trying to fit it into my life has been a challenge that I don't feel like I've beaten yet. Here's some goals for October...

  • A major Fall cleaning of the apartment. I really love the feeling of success when you have a freshly cleaned home, and we've been slacking a bit on this. Excited to work this into my monthly plan.
  • Start Christmas shopping. Does this sound crazy? I think it might. I really want to try and not pull too much from my savings account this Christmas, so planning and shopping early to spread out purchases is a must. Plus, I always enjoy the feeling of being "on top of things."
  • Focus on healthy living. I've been talking about this a lot, but hopefully one day it will stick. Hoping to exercise 2-3 times a week and focus on eating better meals.

Here's to a lovely October!

September Goals

It's pretty hard to believe that soon I'll be pulling out my boots and coats from under my bed. August is over, but man it was a great summer. Last month I worked on a bunch of recipes in the kitchen (and that also means a lot of failures,) and got outside a ton! Walked to breakfast, Farmer's Markets, canoeing, and even went to Tyler State Park last weekend. Our bedroom is still a disaster, but it will get done in due time. New month, new season, new goals!

  • Get through this first month of Insanity. Yes, we are really doing it. My first goal is to really get through the first month, then I'll worry about the second. Wish me luck (I might seriously need it.)
  • Get my craft on. I took a bit of a craft break during the summer because of having way too much to do these past few months. Trying to spend so much time outdoors means that I didn't spend a lot of time indoors making things. Need to find a happy medium for fall.
  • Make time for more walks. Because they are a nice thing to do.

Hope everyone had a great and relaxing Labor Day weekend.

August Goals

Listen guys, last month's goals went a little forgotten. Between work, vacations, weekend adventures, sleeping–somehow they just seem to get a way from me. I don't really feel like I completed (or even tried to complete) any of the goals from last month, but that's not going to stop me to move forward! Here what I want to work on this month, and I mean it this time.

  • Get inspired by baking again. In July, I actually developed a few new recipes and blogged about some ones I've been making for a while now. But for August, I want to focus on creating some new sweet treats. I want make things I've never made before and figure out the perfect recipes.
  • Organize our bedroom. We still have a corner with boxes and things that need to be hung in our bedroom. It's a downer, and I want to feel like we live in a put-together space, not just a put-together downstairs.
  • Continue to try and get outside more. With being down the shore right now, getting outside is easy-peasy. There's places to go, beaches and boardwalks to walk on, food to eat outside. But once we settle in from our vacation and I want to focus on getting outside more. More walks around town, more bike riding, more sitting outside with friends, and maybe even a little camping weekend planning. Fresh air does the body good.

I can't believe that we are at the second half of summer already. I'm not ready for it to be over! It's been such a grand summer. 

PS: When I first published this, I called it "July Goals." What's going on with me!? Ha.