Felt Garland

With Halloween this Wednesday, I knew I wanted to make a little garland to decorate our stairs. With our small apartment, I don't have room to keep a ton of holiday decorations, but I did buy some little pumpkins to sit around. I already have it in my head that I will make a Christmas one, and wanted to give felt garland a try for a banner I was hoping to add to my craft show tables.

I don't have walk through for this because it's that easy. Get some cheap felt at the craft store in the colors you want, cut out a bunch of circles. I liked to cut strips, then cut the strips to squares, and from the squares cut circles. I also made them different shaped circles and ovals.

Decide on a pattern. I did orange, white, yellow. Then put them through the sewing machine one at a time, overlapping them as you sew. That's it!

Happy pre-Halloween!