Create Heart Teabags

With Thursday being Valentine's Day, I wanted to put something together for a couple of close friends. T&I really don't celebrate Valentine's Day, because our anniversary is so close to it, so I think of it as a time to show those who are close to me that they are special.

These teabags, which are made out of coffee filters, are really easy to put together. So let's not delay!

Fold an even number of coffee filters in half and cut half of a heart.

Now you have multiple hearts!

With two hearts together, hand-sew around the outside of the heart starting at the top center. In this photos, I used thread but I liked the two strains of embroidery thread better. (See the beginning or end photos.) Sew 3/4 of the way around the heart.

Take a teaspoon of whatever kind of loose tea you would like to use and insert in between the two hearts. I used a Keemun I had lying around. If you wanted to make something special, try adding a little cinnamon or filling the bags with loose chai tea!

Once you have the tea inside, semi-carefully finish sewing the rest of the teabag up! Don't cut the end yet!

To make the string, simply tie the embroidery floss you have been sewing with off at the center, and then cut to whatever length you would like the tab to be. I cut a rectangle out of some card stock, folded it in half around the end of the string, and Mod Podged the two sides together. Then I trimmed off the points on one side.

And there you have it! I'm excited to include these with my Valentine's this year!

(Sorry about that dirty-looking mug, yikes!)

February Goals!

I think for 2013, I want to take a different approach to goal setting. Last year, I made goals and never really felt like I touched on them again. With the new year, I want to really focus on having motivation to complete things, any things. 

2013 will be about setting three goals. Goals that I have thought out. Goals that will sometimes be fun to accomplish. Goals that will better my life. I also want to try and document these goals better with a recap at the end of each month and with photos and/iPhone photos. Hopefully these will pan out to be a more "action" item in my daily life. Here we go!

1. Take more daily-life photos! Camera out of the house and using the iPhone to document life right now. Especially photo of T and I, because I rarely have any! And I want to be more comfortable bringing my camera and using it.

2. Cook more at home! We've been working our way up to this but I want to really jump into it. New recipes and healthy eating. I want eating out to feel more special.

3. Finish with the Living Room and Powder Room! Right now we have one project in the works and a lot of prints and art to hang in the living room and things to finalize in the powder room. I want it done, more because I want to have at least one space in our home that feels completed. And hopefully before we move again...

(Unrelated, I love this iPhone photo.)