Fall Bucket List

Hi friends! I'm here with a weekend post (say whatttttt). As I'm writing this, I'm currently freezing in my office but I hope you are still cuddled up on the sofa, drinking strong coffee and strolling through the internet this morning. This summer I put together a Summer Bucket List that I loved. It's helpful for me to think about a season and how I want to embrace it and not let it slip away. Time has a way of slipping away unnoticed and all of a sudden it's winter again and I wonder what happened to Fall. Or summer for that matter.

As a way to celebrate Fall, I'm putting together a handful of things I want to make sure I do in the next couple of weeks. Most of these things are little things to get me out of the house and not spending all my time on the sofa binging Netflix. But regardless, I'm excited to check some of these babies off the list!

  1. Pick apples
  2. Reorganize my house
  3. Carve pumpkins/have a pumpkin carving party
  4. Make more time for friend hangs
  5. Bake more pies
  6. Try out 5 new restaurants/bars in the city
  7. Cook dinner at home more
  8. Do something with my extra bedroom (hang art, get bedding, move computer up there, etc.)
  9. Post blog posts at least once a week without missing a week
  10. Clean the back deck and light the chiminea at least once

Weekending: Apple Picking


Being a single lady means that sometimes I get to do the fun things that my friends want to do with their partners, but their partners have no interest in doing. It's really a win-win for everyone. So when my friend L asked me to go apple picking with her because her boyfriend didn't want to take her, I obviously said yes. The weather was amazing. We rode on a tractor, picked apples, laughed a lot, drank apple cider slushies, and ate apple cider donuts. I'm pretty sure we were the only people there not on a day date or a family with children, but that didn't bother us. All in all, a lovely weekend mini adventure.

Fall Wishlist

1) Fur-Ever Young Coat, 2) Steady as She Glows Booties, 3) Wonderland of Whimsy Bracelet, 4) Lovely and Lush Bag, 5) What Glows Around Scarf in Marigold, 6) Basically Amazing Socks, 7) Those Fall Nights Sweater, 8) Spoken Word Star Boots, 9) Peppy Planner Heels in Orange, 10) Perk of Art Bag, 11) Prolific Poet Scarf, and 12) Cutout for Anything Heel in Fern.

In case you missed the memo, it's Fall now. And as much as I didn't want to admit to myself that the seasons were really changing, I'm starting to come around. Change is a great thing. 

Modcloth is one of my favorite shops and they aren't letting me down this season. Plus they have free shipping right now over $50, and let's face it, that's easy to spend. I'm not someone who has winter clothes and summer clothes. I basically just have a lot of clothes, which a few things like a couple pairs of shorts and some sweaters that get put way up in the closet during their off season. Fall to me is all about accessories and layers. I break out my scarf bin, open up my sock drawer for the first time since April and pull out my tights and high socks, and unload my box of boots that lives in the hallway closet in my apartment. I'm all about boots, trying to get into long, oversized sweaters more, living in my denim and leather jacket, and in need of a crossbody bag because I can't handle my usual clutch with a coat on. 

Also, that plaid coat with the fur lapel? Get-On-My-Body-Right-Now-I-Need-You.

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