March Finds

So I don't know if you could call these finds, since most of these were found in beautifully curated shop in South Philly but still wanted to share my fun stuff. If you've never been Era Atomica and you live anywhere near Philadelphia, you should probably go. Like tomorrow.

New ice bucket for our bar and two little pups!

Can't wait to find a little spot to display these!

Somehow, I found two more of those glass jars with the floral tops from this post AND a working alarm clock! It's adorable and I'm thrilled. Huzzah.

Flea Market Successes.

Part of the fun about flea markets is, they're hit or miss. Sometimes you make out like a bandit, and sometimes your bags are still empty. This past weekend, my mom discovered an indoor flea market on 9th and Spring Garden (Philadelphia) that we knew we needed to check out. I was almost through the first go around with nothing when I found some gems.

Two little jars with these floral tops= in love. Having figured out what I want to do with them, but still loving them.

We also have been searching for the perfect drink glasses for our bar, and I found these little babies. Set of four for $15. I love how different they are. And then they're is this...

This might be one of my best finds recently. My mom always had a cedar chest in her bedroom and I always loved the way it smelled. Once we moved into our apartment and needed storage for bed linens, I started keeping an eye out for hope chests. I quickly realized that most hope chest are very large and clunky, very early American. When I found this one, it seemed the perfect size and very mid-century modern. It's my new love.

Ampersand Wall Art

It's been so long since I posted crafty things! The holidays killed my creative energy, but recently I've been feeling inspired and excited to start making things again. This is one of the easiest projects I've ever put together. It cost me nothing being that I had all the supplies in my apartment and took me about an hour one morning. Here we go!

Create a stencil with some regular printer paper. I traced the embroidery hoop I'd be using to make sure the size was right. 

Cut out your stencil and pin to felt.

Cut your felt and place on whatever fabric you'll be using for the hoop.

To attach the felt ampersand to the background, I used a basic stitch. You could also try using a blanket stitch or some other crazy stitch, but I wanted mine to be very simple.

Sew all the way around and that's it! Easiest project ever, right?

Building a Coffee Table

This post is very well-overdue being that T built this coffee table months ago, but what are you going to do.

Here it is, in all it's glory, our coffee table. I feel a bit like it's our little baby that was just an idea that I thought up and T put into production. He was really the star of this project, I really didn't do anything except think it up and purchase the materials, but I wanted to share it nonetheless. I think it's just perfect. Here we go...

We purchased three sheets of pine furniture wood. Two that were the right size for the top and bottom, and one that were half the size that we cut for the center pieces. After sanding, T did two coats of stain (we used a Minwax oil-based stain and finished it with two coats of satin Minwax polyurethane). 

Then he put it together. Placing the top piece upside down, he clapped the center pieces on a used a pocket jig to create the holes for the screws, then drilled in the screws. He then did the same thing, attached the bottom piece to the centers and again using the pocket jig and screwing it together. I hope that makes sense...

I purchased the legs online at Home Depot and we stained them to match, then attached with brackets.

I had wanted something very mid-century modern and couldn't find anything in our price range. Because I wanted it to be so basic, it was fairly easy after we found the right wood and decided on the stain. We also wanted something that was fairly narrow because of our space, but because it's narrow, it would also look great as something under TV as well as a coffee table.

I'm so happy with it, and happy that we will have something that T built and we can cherish for years to come. Still in love with it even though we've had it for a few months now. :)

Create a Yarn and Felt Wreath

It's fall! And I'm adding little bits and pieces to make our apartment feel like fall as much inside as it does outside. I bought some pumpkins and a few Halloween decorations to spice our apartment us a bit. One of the things I wanted to put together was a wreath for our front door. Pretty easy, here's how it went... 

Start with yarn and a styrofoam wreath form. Tied the yarn around the wreath and then start wrapping. 

Keep it rather taught and just sit back and keep wrapping. I suggest putting on a marathon of a crime shows or Harry Potter. When you've made it all the way around, tied the end to the beginning end. Set aside.

To make the felt flowers, use different size glasses and bowls to trace circles.

For the medium sized ones, I used a small dessert cup. Trace the circle and cut it out.

Cut the circle into a spiral, doesn't have to be perfect. I actually like them better when it's not perfect. Starting from the outside roll the spiral up like a cinnamon bun. Once it's all the way up, use hot glue to hold together the outside most layer and center. 

Make a whole bunch of little flowers! To make the leaves, just create leave-shaped pieces from felt and glue on of the points to curve the leaves.

Arrange the flowers on the wreath, secure with hot glue. I messed around with the placement a bit before gluing and just went for it. 

There she is! What kind of fall decor have you been making? Anything fun?