DIY: Tissue Paper Tile Coasters

Tile coasters were one of my first DIY projects I posted on this blog and one of the things that I still use in my house everyday. BUT I'm really tired of looking at these, so I made some really simple new tile coasters using a bunch of stuff I had floating around my craft cabinet.

You'll need: Ceramic Tiles, Mod Podge, Acrylic Sealer, a Sheet of Self-sticking Felt, Scissors, Foam Paint Brush, and different colored tissue papers. I also used a patterned tissue paper with a white background so the pattern would show through.


Starting with the patterned tissue paper, rip pieces of tissue paper and glue to the tile using Mod Podge. You'll want to paint a layer of glue on the tile, press the piece of tissue paper down and then paint a layer of glue over the tissue paper. Try and keep the paper from becoming too wrinkled, but some wrinkles are okay. 

Layer the pieces of paper to create a random pattern that is slightly different per tile. Use the corners of the paper at the corner of the tile. Each time you add a piece of tissue paper, include a layer of glue.

Once you've placed the tissue paper pieces where you want them, apply a final coat of glue over the entire tile and sides, and let it dry completely. Once the glue has dried, apply 2-3 coats of sealer over the top and sides of the tiles to seal everything. Let dry completely.

Cut your self-sticking felt sheet into 4 even sides pieces and attach to the bottom of each tile. Done.


So this is not in any way an original idea, and if you are a Pinterest users as I am, you already know this. I've seen so many tutorials for this and decided that it seemed so easy, why not. Recently, I found three boxes of tiles in Tim's garage and we are considering building a wood coffee table for our living, so I figured that coasters would be easy, inexpensive, and functional. 

I cut some card stock to the size I wanted, ModPodged the paper to the tile, and then covered the entire thing in a healthy dose of ModPodge. I had read in a few places that using an acrylic sealer prevented the ModPodge from staying sticky, So I did two coats of that on top.

Once I was sure they were dry, which was like 3 minutes later, I turned them over and stuck some felt sticker to the bottom. Done.

Happy with the result, will probably end up making a couple sets of these to have around.