Let's Talk About Cats.

It's not a secret that I might be a crazy cat lady. I actually have to tell myself that our house, my office, and my wardobe cannot be 100 percent cat stuff because people will start thinking I'm nuts. As I am writing this, I'm wearing a cat blouse, there are about four kitty knick knacks, and staring at a calendar with photos of my own cats (made by my darling best friend last Christmas). Let's just say, I'm a cat enthusiast and leave it at that.

But it's so easy to fill your life with cats when people are designing such lovely feline stuff right now! Here are a few of my current favorites!

1. Meow for Measuring Cups, 2. Paul & Joe Cat Collection Blusher Sticks, 3. Picasso Cats Scarf, 4. You've Gato Call Phone Stand, 5. Cat Printed Mary Janes, 6. Animal Clothes Hangers, 7. Handmade Kitten-printed iPad case, 8. Stay Home Club T-Shirt, 9. Meow's the Time Heels in Pink.