Around Here

Sometimes it just feels like the weekends are getting shorter and shorter, you know?

But I'm here with a little bit of exciting news: this weekend I moved G into my house! The timing just worked out and we're really excited and happy about the whole thing. The hardest adjustment for me has been the influx of things and trying to figure out where to put them in a way that works for both of us. It takes time and I know we'll get there. Honestly, it's nice to have a challenge and some changes around the house. All in all, we're pretty excited about this new chapter. And the cats have a new full-time cuddle partner.

So I thought it would be fun to share some photos from around the house before things change around here. When these photos were taken (last week) we had only moved in a handful of G's things and had them set up. Excited to see how the house ends up! And also, very excited to take down Halloween decorations (Am I the only one who loves decorations until I don't and then I can't wait to take them down?)

Around Here

I made it through a very stressful weekend and life feels good.

And honestly now that's all over, I'm just trying to relax and get together with people and enjoy the weather until it turns to freezing cold and winter for the next 4 months. Recently I've been making some financial moves to get myself on a better path. Trying to schedule happy hours and (hopefully) a Friendsgiving celebration. Everything feels pretty calm right now and I'm perfectly okay with that.

Around Here

There's been a bit of a shift in my mood lately. I love summer, but this summer was rough. The details are fuzzy and complicated and a new season feels like a fresh start. I feel myself feeling like myself again. I'm lighthearted and excited. My house is coming along and no longer 800 degrees at all times (insert celebration emoji). I made things. I have a lot going on and plans are being made and I feel like I'm back celebrating the little things again. Get to stay home and drink a glass of wine on my sofa? Amazing. Leaving work a little early for happy hour plans? Fantastic. A date night? Even better. There's always ups and downs, but right now, it feels like the ups are outnumbering the downs in a big way. Thank goodness.

Glass feels half-full. <3

Around Here

Thinking about maybe moving makes my head spin. I love this apartment like I've never loved any apartment before. I changed here. I figured things out here. I became a better me here. The windows are huge and the space is great and the wood floors are charming. Packing up boxes and looking for a new apartment is one of the last things on my list that I want to do right now. But sometimes you know that a change would be good for you down the line, even if actually making that change seems terrible at the moment. And that's where my head is at. 

I love change. I love the feeling of changing up my routine. I love figuring out how to be happy in a new space. But the amount in which I hate packing boxes and packing a moving truck might is really high. I have yet to come to any type of conclusion on this issue. Stay tuned.

Around Here

Hi. It's really cold here. Like "feels like -2 degrees when I leave from work" kind of cold. I'm tired of wearing boots and winter coats. I'm tired of snow that doesn't get me off from work and usually comes on Saturdays. I'm tired of worrying about ice on my driveway and regretting not wearing socks out at night with heels. I'm ready for February to be over and March to hopefully bring some warmer weather.

This winter was a hard one for me. A lot of ups and downs. A lot of feelings of stuck and loneliness. Somedays I woke up and felt great, ready to take on the day. Others weren't so great. But that's how life goes, especially when you're 25 years old and your hormones are changing and going awry. But there were also so many good memories made and feelings felt. Travel plans made from spring and summer. I'll always have weird nights with stories to tell and remember for the rest of my life. It's always a combination of great and less than great with me, and the goal is to always focus on the great. BUT I'm ready to put my winter coat away for good and wear a crop top for goodness sake.

"You're a diamond dear. They can't break you."