July Around Here

When life gets interesting, our apartment gets dirty, clutter, and the boxes still sitting around from the move go unemptied. I guess that goes with the territory though. We've had a series of lovely weekends around here, which has caused things around the house to build up. Summer has just been so good to us this year, minus that little heatwave plus serious humidity we just finished. How's your summer going? 


So I realized that I have yet to feature my kitties on here and I think today is a great day to do it. Moving them to our new home was relitively harmless and quick (just a little car sickness in the carrier), and then are MUCH happier now that they have room to run around and giant windows to stare out.

Audrey took the move fine; she's usually the one I worry about since she gets so upset about things.

Abbey was fine, as always.

Happy cats! Happy weekend!