Sunday Thoughts

It's the weekend, people. Let's try and not take ourselves too seriously and relax with a cup of tea. Maybe a glass of wine. Every good HBO show airs tonight. Take a bath. You're probably nursing a bit of a hangover. Maybe there's a family dinner in store. Life is good on Sundays. Here's some Internet things...

  • I hear/read quotes all the time that I can relate to. But after reading and then seeing Wild, this quote hit me hard. Actually, the entire story hit me hard. In the best way possible.
  • My amazing friend Katie and her husband make some of the most beautiful handmade furniture I've ever seen. They made my unbelievably gorgeous computer desk. Their site, Steel Tape, went live this week! Check it out!
  • 21 Thoughts You Have Daily if You're a Functional Hot Mess: I think I was in denial about this. But I've come to the realization that I'm definitely a functional hot mess. But I think that was always the case...
  • I've been getting A Beautiful Mess' Happy Mail subscription each month and still feel really excited about it each time it comes. I love having cards around the house for last minute notes or a birthday. And receiving it each month is a great reminder to send more thank you notes!
  • In March I'm roadtripping with a friend to Dollywood! I've travelled a bit, but mostly just family vacations and little trips. I'm excited to stop at roadside attractions and eat bad food at kitchy restaurants. And you better believe we are stopping at Dinosaur Land.
  • Minifasting: How Occasionally Skipping Meals May Boost Health: On days when I don't have to go to work I usually forget to eat. Now I know that's a thing.
  • Pretty excited that they are reuniting the cast of Wet Hot American Summer for a Netflix's series. Let's hope it's just as fabulous as the original. (Is that even possible?) 
  • Why the Oscars Have Never Cared for Wes Anderson Movies. I'd be happy if the Academy would get it together and realize they're fabulous.