Spring Lately

Lately I've been...

...thrilled to have finally found an apartment that's quirky and feels like a fresh start.
...purging my closets and drawers in preparation.
....wishing I was reading more.
...loving the warmer weather and longer days.
...dreaming about decorating a new space and buying new things.
...getting back into flea markets.
...finally wearing these clogs (but in tan) and not caring how tall they make me.
...but hoping someone will buy me these to add to the collection.
...excited to be soon living within walking distance of a little weekend farmer's market.
...considering selling my beach cruiser (which I can't transport) and buying a new bike.
...dreading the actual moving day.
...working on being a better friend.
...putting off getting my hair colored, even though I think about it everyday.
...eating hummus like it's my job.
...ordering new things from ModCloth almost every other week. (oops!)
...making lists of new DIYs and recipes, but feeling too lazy to complete anything (also oops!)
...setting my hair with a curling iron almost every weekend, and realizing I look pretty good!