Rituals: Buy Some Flowers

Every other week or so, I leave my office on my lunch break and buy myself flowers. Sometimes it's a couple different bunches, sometimes it's just a couple sunflowers. I bring them home, spend 10 minutes or so cutting them down to the right size and attempting to "arrange" them. Arranging flowers is absolutely not my strong suit. Hang a shelf, bake you donuts, or decorate something with confetti? DONE. Arrange a vase full of flowers that doesn't look like a mess? NOT SO MUCH. But, regardless, each week I buy some flowers for myself, arrange them, and sit them in my kitchen. 

This week when I ran to Trader Joe's to pick up some flowers I started thinking about why I do this little thing for myself each week. 75% of the time no one sees them but me. Depending on the flowers, sometimes I have to hide them on a high shelf in my kitchen so the cat doesn't get at them. 50% of the time I forget to change the water and they die in a couple days. But for me, it's become a ritual. I buy myself some flowers, and it's a tiny little thing that makes me smile when I come downstairs in the morning. I don't believe that you need someone to give you flowers to feel good. And for me, it's just a tiny bit of extra effort into treating myself. Because everyone deserves to make their lives beautiful. And flowers can only aid in that pursuit.

Treat yo' self.