Recipe: Eggless Cookie Dough Ice Cream Bites

Living without air conditioning is no joke folks.

And after what felt like a month with nonstop rain, Philadelphia is starting to really heat up. As much as I like the heat, it makes photographing ice cream treats a bit of a challenge. Really it just means that everything is sticky and you need to work fast. And you need to eat way too many of these while photographing them at 9am because we're not into waste around here. Not when it comes to cookie dough or ice cream at least.

These cookie dough ice cream bites are meant to be a little imperfect. Because tbh, if you're obsessed with eating cookie dough then you probably don't need perfection in your life. You'll eat these while standing with the freezer door open in running shorts and a sports bra, even though the only physical activity you've done was to get off the sofa. We're all in this together people. And you deserve all the cookie dough and ice cream you can fit in your mouth.

Just FYI, I doubled this recipe and made these in a 9x13 pan but that yields A LOT of these bites.

Eggless Cookie Dough Ice Cream Bites

Yields an 8x8 pans worth

1 stick butter, softened
1 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup sugar
2 cups flour
1/4 teaspoon salt
4 tablespoons plain greek yogurt
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/2 cup semi sweet chocolate chips
1 quart of vanilla ice cream

Lightly butter or spray with cooking spray an 8x8 baking pan. Cut a piece of parchment paper to fit, but so two sides are longer than needed. Place the parchment paper into the pan, press down and set aside. Those two longer sides will help you lift the bites out of the pan for easier cutting.

In the bowl of an electric mixer, beat butter and sugars for 3-5 minutes until light and fluffy. Add the greek yogurt and combine. Slowly add the flour and salt, and mix until just combined. Using a rubber spatula, add in the chocolate chips and fold them in until they are equally distributed amongst the dough.

Divide the dough in half and take the ice cream out of the freezer to thaw slightly. Take half the dough and spread it into the bottom of the parchment-lined pan using a spatula. Lightly press it into the corners and along the edges until the entire bottom of the pan covered. Using an ice cream scoop and a spatula, spread the ice cream onto of the cookie dough layer until you get your desired thickness. Again, you want all the cookie dough covered. Place in the freezer for about an hour, or until the ice cream is completely frozen. Remove from freezer and add the remaining cookie dough on top of the ice cream. If your ice cream is still too soft (or your freezer sucks, like me) break the cookie dough into small pieces and crumble to cover the ice cream, then lightly press together with fingers or a spatula. You don't want the top too crumbly, or it will break up when you cut it. Freeze for 3-4 hours or overnight.

Once the pan is completely frozen again, remove from freezer and lift the dough out from the pan and place on a large cutting board. Cut into strips and then into bites. For best results, do this part quickly! Store in freezer.