Planning for Spring: House Edition

Unfortunately I don't have any cool recipes or DIYs to share this week. Whomp whomp. Some days recipes turn out right after a try or two, and some days you just work on a cocktail recipe for 3 hours and can't get it right, i.e. last Saturday. So we're switching gears and talking about the house.

This weekend's weather (almost 60degrees!!) got me all ready to ditch my winter coat and plan for Spring. I'm excited for nice weather in the city and enjoying my house and backyard space. I moved in July of last year, and I was overwhelmed (to say the least) and it was extremely hot and humid (to say the least, again) so I have all the hype for Spring. I thought I'd throw together a little list of some of the goals I have for the house in the upcoming months...

  • Stain kitchen pantry and shelves.
  • Paint bed frame in extra bedroom.
  • Buy large plant for corner in living room.
  • Finish backyard area, i.e. put together outdoor loveseat, hang lights, figure out a higher fence situation, get outdoor rug, fill backyard with plants (that I'll ultimately kill, preemptive sorry to those plants).