Lately I've been....

...switching between the five pairs of slippers I have a at home and two pair I have in my office. I think I have a new addiction.

...thinking about change. Life changes, professional changes, personal changes. A new year opens the flood gates for me to think about the positives and negatives in my life.

...hoping for a relaxing birthday day and a laughter-inducing birthday night.

...hating the weather. It's so cold. All the time.

...dreaming about these clogs.

...trying to plan better, healthier meals during the week so I don't feel so guilty on the weekends.

...scouring the web for a few great clothing pieces to turn my currently wardrobe upside down and feel fresh again.

...feeling inspired to create tons of new recipes but at a loss for new DIYs.

...working on being a better partner.

...feeling defeated by my lack of energy and/or desire when it comes to physical activity.

...making an effort to use social media more often.

...painting my nails more.

...remembering that I never posted photos from our Disney trip.

...watching episodes of Maron and Twin Peaks on Netflix. (Could those two things be any different?)

...wishing I was reading more.