January in Review

I've been struggling with how to talk a bit more about myself on this blog. I love sharing my "5 Things" posts, but besides that, there hasn't been a whole lot of me in this blog lately. I used to share "Around Here" posts often, but since I haven't moved in over a year and not much has changed in my house, things are getting a bit repetitive in department. So I thought a new year was a great time to try out a new format: month in review. I'm thinking I'll share a few highlights from the previous month and maybe some photos.

Women's March on Washington. Definitely the thing this month that caused me the most amount of feelings, whether it be pride, anxiety, stress, joy, or fear. The planning and getting there aside, this felt like something amazing. Plenty of things have been said about the marches and, honestly, the entire month of January has been filled with processing the changes happening in this country. I think I'm frankly still having trouble processing the changes. But looking back, I have never been so inspired and prideful of a group of individuals in my life. We made history, and I'm sure will continue to make history, and I'm thankful to be a tiny little part of it.

Birthday. On a lighter note, it was my 27th birthday this month! I celebrated with all of my favorite people by eating pizza, drinking cheap drinks and singing karaoke. On my actual birthday, I treated myself to a proper pamper. LUSH bath in the morning, followed by brunch in one of my fav spots in South Philly, The Dutch, and then just a bunch of relaxation time at home. G came home and we grabbed a great dinner at High Street on Market. A lovely day. 

Planning. January was the month of planning for me. G and I planned a vacation for next week. I made travel arrangements for a work conference and immediately started making a list of restaurants and places to visit in my downtime. I have some sponsored content coming up that I've been planning and working on. AND I'm partnering on two photoshoots in the coming month, one for a client and one for the blog! Yay for new exciting things!