January Around Here

Have you ever felt like you just need a do-over? That's kind of how January has felt for me.

It started out great. My birthday came and went with a healthy dose of celebrating and good times. And then everything just started feeling...hard. Getting up in the morning was hard. Focusing at work was hard. Thinking up new DIYs was hard. Even figuring out what I wanted to eat for dinner was hard. I was in a funk, which I think a lot of people find themselves in around this time of year. It's cold out. The days are still short. Things feel stagnant and unmotivating. 

For me, the only way to shake this kind of funk is to think towards the future. I'm a person who loves change. I thrive off of it. I was never a person who fell into a routine or liked doing the same thing day after day. I like to switch things up because it makes me feel more alive and present in my own life. 

So I've been thinking a lot about the future and what I want life to look like in a week from now, a month from now, a year from now. Many things currently feel very up in the air, which is making me pleasantly anxious about the future and what it will look like professionally, personally, blog-wise, and living-wise. This type of looking ahead is the only way to see past my current funk and trudge along. Push through until something changes, and then my outlook will begin to shift. I'll go back to feeling confident and present in my life. Change is a good thing. It keeps me grounded and moving forward.

Does anyone else feel similarly about change? I know there are a lot of change-haters out there!