Sunday Thoughts

iPhone Photo by Kate McCann Photography

I hope you woke up at noon to your clothes from last night balled up on the floor and lipstick remaining on your lips. I hope you stumbled to brunch with friends where there was endless coffee and bloody mary's and breakfast sandwiches. Some Sundays, it's nice to wake up calmly and make tea at home and relax. But every once and a while, you should wake up like a mess from the night before, head foggy, and eat all the eggs. Because life is short folks.

Here's some bits from around the interweb: 

  • Thinking about the difficult balance between embracing the hustle and embracing the anti-hustle.
  • What Makes a Great Cookbook: I've been a lover of everything Joy the Baker for a long time now. Very interested in what she has to say, and more importantly, how she says it. Her voice is hella interesting to me.
  • I bought this rug in pink and I'm completely in love. Feeling good about the house decisions I've been making lately.
  • I've been thinking about making some kind of hand pies lately. Look how good these look by Alana Jones-Man?!
  • An interesting write-up by Lovely Indeed about Growing Your Blog. Really hoping to pull the funds together to attend Alt in the near future.
  • I feel like I don't own enough glittery shoes and I'm itching for these glittery boots.