Hi, 2014!

2013 was one for the books; no question about it. And I'm hoping that 2014 is only going to be better and sweeter. I'm all in.

Each year on this blog I've tried to handle goal setting a little differently. Guys, I'm no good at it. I tried setting monthly goals, but I forget about them and if I actually accomplished any of them by the end of the month, it was only by shear luck. So this year, I'm trying something a bit different for me.

Fourteen goals for 2014. Some are broad, some are specific. Some are blog related and some aren't. We're all over the place, and I think I like that.

  1. Plan another camping weekend. (Did you catch our last one?)
  2. Find a place to live that's more conducive to our lives.
  3. Improve photography skills.
  4. Find a physical activity that I love.
  5. Make better clothing purchases. Save for really want items. 
  6. Get better at budgeting and saving.
  7. Create better blog content with better time management.
  8. Take a class!
  9. Work on my bad laziness habit.
  10. Go on a day trip!
  11. Take more self and family photos.
  12. Learn to keep indoor plants alive.
  13. Visit more flea markets and thrift stores. (Can you believe I'm setting that as a goal? This year I barely went to any flea markets! Hog wash!)
  14. Become better at celebrating the everyday, even work days.

Hope you have a relaxing New Years Day and a great start to 2014!