Sunday Thoughts

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you're reading this post-brunch. I hope you rolled out of bed at noon, threw on some pants and a little mascara, and crawled yourself someplace great to eat french toast and bacon. Maybe a bloody mary too. And now you're back home and considering a nap on the sofa. Breakfast is by far my favorite meal of the day, so I'm forever grateful that brunch means I can eat my favorite things without having to get out of bed before 11am. 

I've been house/petsitting this past week and as much as I love the change from my normal routine, I'm ready to be home with the kitties and making a mess in my own space. But changing up my life always leaves me with a jolt of creative energy that I'm thankful for. I've got a notebook full of things to concoct for you! In the meantime, here's some things from the Interweb: