February in Review

February was an incredibly productive month. It started out with a bang, being that I scheduled two back-to-back photoshoot days followed by a flight out of the city for vacation all in the first week. But I'm starting to remember that I love being busy, as long as that "being busy" is primarily made up of things I want to do. I do my best work when time is of the essence. That being said, February has been a month of reflection for me as well. I'm realizing that when things don't go as planned, it's time to change the plan and make it work for you. I've been sitting around waiting for things to happen and not putting myself out there, which leads into my first thing that happened this month:

Melt Downs and Motivations: Soooo, sometimes you need to go down before you go up. Sometimes you need to cry it all out before things become clear. With a little help from G, I took a hard look at what I want and what I need out of my life this month and you know what? It's freaking scary and confusing and hard. It makes me uncomfortable and very nervous, but I think that's okay! Now that the melt down is over, I feel more focused and motivated to make things happen. We'll see how that all plays out.

Trip to Miami: Obviously you all knew my trip to Miami was going to make this list. It was so, so nice and very well needed. We escaped some snow in Philly, we went to the beach, we walked around gardens and feed flamingos, and we ate damn good food. It was just perfect (and incredibly affordable) and it's got me itching to plan more travel this year.

Brunch Photoshoot: Back at Christmas time, Kate and I decided to partner on a photoshoot because we were both feeling tired and unsatisfied creatively. I'm so proud and excited that the Galentine's Day Shoot turned into what it did. We invited a handful of our favorite ladies to be models. I got to decorate a table and cocktail area. 

Shooting with a New Client: Kate and I's side hustle continues! This month we worked with a new client in the suburbs and I'm so thrilled to see where this leads. More on this all later!