DIY Felt Doughnut Ornaments

Another DIY Christmas ornament for you! In case you didn't know, I have a secret (maybe not so secret) love affair with doughnuts. To me, they're my guilty pleasure. So I was looking through my ornament collection and decided that we needed a doughnut ornament to properly represent my love of the doughy goodness. And I came up with this little thing. So cute! Here's how to make your own...

For this project, you'll need pink and light brown felt, matching embroidery floss, a needle, fluffy stuffing, small beads, scissors, and some ribbon or string to hang the ornament from the tree.

Use a jar or container to trace a circle with the brown felt. Then trace a smaller circle  in the middle. Do this twice to create two doughnuts.

Once you have your brown doughnuts, trace one of them on the pink felt and use these boundaries to create your frosting.  

To sew this doughnut together, you're going to need to use a blanket stitch. Here is a very basic video tutorial for that stitch. Once you cut your floss, you'll want to separate two strains to sew with. All five/six strains together is a little too thick. Sew the pink frosting piece onto only one brown piece. Sew around the inside and outside of the frosting.

Attach your sprinkles. I used one long piece of floss to sew all the beads on, just simply going up through the bottom, adding bead, and going back down through. Once you get all your beads on, it really starts to look doughnut-y.

Next, attach the two brown pieces together. Stitch together the two pieces, going all around the inside hole. Move onto the outside, leaving a 2 inch section to stuff it. I told you you needed to improve your stitching.... Here's a super basic photo walkthrough for the blanket stitch.

Leaving the extra floss since attached, start adding your fluff. This takes some patience to work it around. Use your finger or a capped pen to push the fluff around the doughnut. Once it's filled, use that extra floss piece to continue to blanket stitch it closed.

Add some ribbon or decorative string tied around one of the outside pieces of floss and you have yourself a cute little doughnut ornament!

These are great as last minute gifts, or a hostess gift for your favorite sweet-treat-loving friend.  Or you can keep them for yourself like I plan to do...